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Lonely piece of marble: where should it go?
You will never hear any difference in sound no matter what the "resonates at a high pitch" statement means.At any rate, I doubt it's marble, would more likely be granite.Something with that kind of mass is better put under your tt. 
Thiel 3.6, what will drive them best?
A pair of Bryston 7B-STs will drive them nicely and can be gotten for relatively little money. Some think that that earlier model actually sounds better than the current one. 
Mark Levinson Where is the Emotion??
Geez Mr. Tennis you are being awfully direct. I have to say I fully agree with you. 
tube preamp w/ solid state amp
Krell power amps require a modification to run safely with a tube pre. I believe a resistor of some sort is put in the circuit to avoid some nasty situations, oscillation I believe, but don't quote me on that last detail! 
Time between playing the same LP
The fact it makes no scientific sense should make the idea more popular in subjective tweaky audio. 
What is the best place to buy tubes?
The Tubestore always delivered for me, then again I don't go and retest the tubes and rematch them. Seems you have a problem with trust. 
Vandersteen 5a vs. B&W 802D vs. Maggie 3.6 vs.?
I was more than unlucky with my Maggie 3.6 experience: bought used right here, down most of the time, sold for a song to an engineer who had the technical skills to rebuild them. More power to him. Vandersteen 5s are some of the best speakers I ha... 
Need Speakers at least 4 feet high
Buy headphones and hide in your room listening to music until she capitulates. 
sony xa9000es problems
Doubt that the problem stems from your Sony player if it only crops up with the Rotel. 
What is FAST?
Fast should mean quick transient response, but nothing can be taken out of context: you can't, as audiophiles do, find a fave word and run with it. Fast could mean an amp with a high slew rate, then someone will point out that some amps with a low... 
What is FAST?
Why would "fast" be synonymous with "transparent"? 
Are modern speakers better than old speakers?
Most, if not all, are. 
How to determine wear on a stylus?
The stores that had a prominently displayed microsope did not necessarily know what to look for. In this second coming of vinyl I would argue that the only safe way is to keep track of the hours played and change it when a reasonable number is rea... 
The AR turntable
Can't get much better for the kind of money you mention. 
What Volume do you listen at?
Years ago, I made a post here about volume level, the main thrust of which was that for any given piece of music there is only one volume level that is correct. I, obviously, didn't invent anything here as this comes from a recording engineer of s...