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Why Can't Tubes Be Mass-Produced Cheaply?
Dan ed is right. NOS are often not exactly as touted. NOS religion: another audiophile affection maybe? 
Why do amps sound different?
I would bet that they don't really measure the same on the test bench as you say, if they do the tests are not comprehensive enough. Specs can't be looked at individually. When people say that two amps measure the same, they often look only at WPC... 
Are tube watts equal to solid state watts?
A watt is a watt is a watt. Only present day audiophiles would ask this question. Making a distinction without a difference is the territory of subjective audiophiles, but hey these days anything goes! 
What exactly causes clicks and pops on vinyl?
The surfaces of vinyl records are fragile. Many people simply will not admit this simple fact. When the surface is damaged from physical contact with anything, including a stylus, it will have scratches, gouges, indentations and such. If you consi... 
No wonder SACD hasn't caught on
Had the same response in a Best Buy store in Vermont a few years ago. Can't find SACDs in any of these stores. Too bad, on the whole they sound great. The only ones I can find locally in record stores are classical music and the prices are quite h... 
UPS Shipping/Damage Claim policy experience
Although I won my only claim against them in Small Claims Court, I may not have needed to go there had I not asked their claims examiner if there was any truth to the rumor that "UPS" stood for "Ur Parcel Slipped". 
On the Fence with Analog Vs. Digital. Need Help
Improve your present system and stick with digital unless you have a unstoppable urge to be trendy. 
What is the ideal weight/mass for a turntable?
An intelligent answer for once!Granite rings like a bell: please explain, any data or proper observations on this? 
What is the ideal weight/mass for a turntable?
Why would you want to make a tt any heavier than a P9?Is it not a very elegant solution to the task of spinning a vinyl disc? 
good listening/bad listening
It mostly has to do with the way you feel. If you are into subjective audio, you should accept your own subjectvity and stop blaming the grid! 
Tube amps have a signature sound
I don't know, both can sound terrific and it all has to do with the implementation. 
Enjoying vinyl more than ever.........
Everybody and his uncle remotely related to audio is in a "vinyl renaissance".Have you checked the price of vintage tts lately? 
Tube amps have a signature sound
Well the ones that are accurate are critized for sounding like transistor amps. The ones that do sound like older tube gear have a great midrange partly because their hf response dips and let's your ear/brain processor focus more on the mids. At a... 
bookshelf or floorstander
No reason in the world to get bookshelf speakers when you factor in the cost of good stands. Put the money you would spend on stands on your floor standing speaker purchase and I am sure you will wind up with more speaker, literally and sonically. 
Vinyl newbie - have a few questions
Noise is part of the charm: live with it.