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best 4.5" midrange drivers under $1K
Are you saying that paper cones do not have quick transient response? If so, please explain how you reach that conclusion? 
New Re-Issue Vinyl: Surface Noise, Ticks, Pops....
There have always been quality problems with pressings. I am soon to be 57 and remember very well the days when vinyl was all there was and having to bring back something like every third or fourth album because of bad surfaces or warps or a combi... 
New Re-Issue Vinyl: Surface Noise, Ticks, Pops....
Vinyl is and as always been a crap shoot. Of the three brand new LPs I bought yesterday the one with the best music has lousy surfaces (Cleanhead Vinson on Muse), the one I had the most hope for is a lousy recording and the pressing dismal, the ho... 
'they blew'em off the stage'
Wow, I have to go way back for this: Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon at al. as warm-up to the Rolling Stones. 
LP Sound Quality
Short of getting it all tuned up by a Linn expert, there are many things you can do to help the turntable perform better. I'm sure you can find instructions on setting TTs up on the Net. I remember that I looked it up a while ago and, being an old... 
Would Vandersteen 5a's be a good match for Krell?
Any top notch amp like the Krell would be a good match. I would go for a tube amp myself since the 5As have their own powered subs. 
Frank Sinatra "The Voice" on Classic Records 180g
Albert, you will never admit it, but for every one good vinyl album out there you find at least another one that has bad surfaces or is warped in any number of ways. To you it's a religion, to me it's listening to music and relaxing. Nothing wrong... 
American made Subwoofer
You can always make your own. 
Frank Sinatra "The Voice" on Classic Records 180g
Get a CD, better yet an SACD, you will love either 
Need some advice on flatening wrapped records.
Two "pains" of glass really, and you didn't hurt yourself? 
replacements for sovtek 6922s
Sovtek no longer makes them?JJ Electronics E88CCs worked fine in my ARC PH3 phono section. 
Are upgraded power cables really worth the money?
No, the cabling should be changed to the source, that is the power plant, anything short of this is a waste of money.Remember, always be most careful of what you can't hear. 
Tube smell?
Part of the charm of tubes. Mind you it is subjective only and cannot, indeed need not, be explained scientifically, but the sense of smell is involved in the emotional response to music. 
anti-static record cleaning arm
I used the Decca carbon fibre brush of that type years ago. It did catch dust before it could get to the stylus. I could never verify the claims made for it that it took static electricity away from the record through the ground wire provided toug... 
power cord for electrostatic speaker
Keep the stock ones and buy records.