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I need recommendations on Speakers for McIntosh
heard a couple that really seemed to work well with mac. one was PMC and the other was KEF reference. the kef 201/3? I think was a really nice match I thought. 
why do we argue?
consider the medium of argument. the internet has no feedbacks built in from the person you are talking withs posture, ability to counter point immediately and last but not least the elimination of a smack in the mouth. We can say anything and let... 
frequency range for instrument vs speaker
I seem to recall that a typical electric bass guitar drops to mid to high 30's on the open low string. For some reason 38 is sticking out in my mind. lots of fronts will do that but the discussion on spl above my explain why the sub helps out. 
Best Rock Album in 2012
the new awolnation album is quite good if you like that sort of thing. 
cable burning
no, I really think we won't Mrschret! Personally I think the 1.3Mhz stuff is hooey but the stated "reason" whey some products work often has nothing to do with if they actually work or not. My favorite is the speaker cable conditioned with many gi... 
Dylan's Voice/ Better Now?
Bob's singing works for his stuff but come now......... 
Resistor to tone down tweeter?
Stupid question for you electronics boffins. on a guitar if you want to roll off the highs you use your tone knob which uses a capacitor fromt he tone pot to ground (I think). Why would this not work in this case. Suspect I'm missing something but... 
cable burning
does beg the question of what that resistor is doing for you in the first place if you can smoke it and things sound fine. 
How do you send an internet stream into a hi fi?
I use my PS3. works fine for the stuff you can stream. 
How many albums do you need ?
The answer to the question of how many albums do you need is oddly the same as how many guitars do I need. Answer? Just one more! 
Useful Idiots
I'd submit that there are way too many folks out there that couldn't find real life with a telescope. When Snooki has more clout in the world than you and everyone you know combined, the definition of real life gets pretty fuzzy! 
It Might Get Load - documentary
I think the three were well chosen. Page representing the early "big rock", THe Edge as part of the middle and White as representing the latest rebirth. Notice how there is a rebirth every few years? At the end of the day you gotta make music no m... 
are digital recordings on vinyl any better than CD
curious. is poster saying that digital recordings were played and recorded on vinyl (ie. transfered to analog) or that the vinyl is pressed with the information in digital format? What am I missing? 
What makes a speaker too big for a given room?
Seems to me that the point of the exercise is to maximize the enjoyment for your budget. If the system is too big physically that it pisses you off then clearly its too big. if the speakers are too big (performance wise) and still sound better the... 
PSB surround and center speakers.
in this case If I were you (and I'm not so take this with a grain of salt) I would go for the less expensive surrounds (dont go crappy but no reason to go expensive) and have the center use the same drivers as the fronts. Usually that means the ma...