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What are your top 3 favorite DAC or DAC/Streamer devices?
Don't hate me.. A Meridian Explorer 2 with MQA.. $199 at Amazon.. 
Good Used Speakers ($8K-10K) For A Little Listening Room
Used Focal Sophia #2's..XTZ sound Divine Alpha.. 
speakers with balls
Try a pair of XTZ Sound Divine Alpha's that's what I'm looking at..The Utah audio companies RBH and Tekton.. Also add 2 small subwoofers.. 
MQA•Foolish New Algorithm? Vote!
Yes MQA Tidal is better than any other Streaming service..At $200 a Meridian Ex2 is the way to go .. A $5000 MQA Streamer??, Not yet in my book.. 
My review of the Dared MC-7P Preamp with a computer input bought late 2017 on Ebay..
I can see that..The day I move up to PS Audio or Mcintosh will long be remembered.. 
Spatial Audio Hologram M4 Turbo S Speakers - A Review
Heard these at a show, it was close to the best sound at the event (SF audio show 2015)..