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Best DACs under $7,000.00
I get it...we all have a limit based on perceptions of value added etc.   I will say that one of the finest DAC's out there is the Bracasti M3.  Around $5,000 new and it definitely elevates the sound quality of music in a noticable way!   Chee... 
Comments on the Berkeley Alpha DAC 2
Issue solved.   Thanks to all for their valuable input. The DAC was left on continuously for 72 hours before trying again...and it sounds Mmmmarvoulous :)  The tilted upper mids are gone and the sound is just amazing. Coincident 300B Franks, C... 
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
I would look into the Soliloquy line - 6.2 or 6.3.  Best match for a forward sounding SS power amplifier like Bryston.  
12AU7 tubes for a Rouge Audio Sphinx V3 Integrated
$200 is a very good budget.  Brent is a good guy, so that is great if you buy from him.   I recommend the RCA 3 MICA Black plate 5814A tubes from the 1950's.  Nice warmth and bloom - good transparency and dynamics...maybe $77 a pair.  Also, the ... 
CD Transport Question
Two recommendations - 1. The Cambridge CD Transport is very good - not super great, but at $700 very good and competitive with many transports and better than the Leak/Audio Lab (IMO) 2.  The Cyrus looks like junk - but it is wholly capable and ... 
Hey Charles.   Your previous posts pushed me to get the amp! I am using the TJ Full music from 2003 (NOS) - but the real sonic changes came from substituting the stock driver tubes for Tung Sol NOS 6SU7GTYs and a Mullard rectifier. Likely, I w... 
It took about 9 days for the power amp to get to me. Always hoping for  some WE 300B tubes - but man are they being forged.   P  
Power cords or power conditioner
In MHO, power cables, treatments and room treatments will add nominal improvements at best (unless your room and current cables are FUBR : ) Perhaps a very good DAC can add some dimensionality and image layering?  Soekris, Mytek, Briscasti etc  L... 
Jays CD2- Mk3 CDT vrs CEC-TL5 CDT
Great thread! Always good to know the features in comparison. So, which CD transport has the most realistic sound?  Most organic bass, extended highs etc. I had heard (anecdotally, of course) that the CEC TL5 is fuller sounding, but not as dyna... 
Any expereince with Coincident Frankenstein II Amp
Thanks to all! 
Re Tubing Audio Research VT200
Hi...your better off with the new old stock tubes - at least for your drivers - 6922 tubes.I had a 200 and I liked the 6550 arc stuff - given the prices of the vintage stuff - but the 6922 tubes really made the amp sing! Changed its character a bi... 
Supratek Cortese Phono Tubes Help
You can do alot better than Phillips in the phono stage. The Sylvania VT231 are reasonably priced at $100 a pair, the Sylvania WGTA are dynamite at $119 a pair, and the Russian 1578 may be the best tube for 6SN7 ever made at $249 a matched pair.Th... 
12AT7 tube
Try the Sylvania gold brand 6201 tubes...smooth, with great bandwidth. Best inner detail that I have heard in a 6201. The valvo is also one of the best...amsks a bit of detail, but among the top three IMHO. 
Help with SET amplifier?
Don Allen has a cult following and does build some very nice tube gear. 
Best preamp for atma sphere m60 under $3000 used?
Best preamp is usually no preamp:>Irrespective of the budget, try the Placette passive. The closest to an attenuator without coloring the signal.No relationship to the vendor!