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Vandersteen Speakers.. Are All Other Speaker Makers Doing It Wrong ?
Of course they are! 😂 What else can I say? I own Vandersteens.  
The panic selling of tube audio had begun.
I just tried the website of a major internet tube house and their site is down, overwhelmed with traffic and orders. Tube article Tubes - Where are they made  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
I haven’t heard these, and the size and price kinda makes me wonder, but AbSound gives them a product of the year award. The size is amazing. I am tempted to try a pair. Orchard Audio Starkrimson Monoblock Power Amplifier $1500/pr. While virtua... 
Best Remote for Roon Nucleus+
I like my Kindle Fire HD10 tablet for Roon. Sometimes the Kindle app store is a bit slow to catch up with the latest Roon release, but it lags only a few days. No big deal really. $149 ... hard to beat the price.   
Need speaker recommendations.
+1 on Larsen. Either the 8.2 or 6.2. They can be put against the front wall. WALL OF SOUND! https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/larsen-model-8-loudspeaker  
T+A Made in Germany
The best…. by an order of magnitude Chinese food I have ever had was in China. No doubt, and the San Gabriel Valley in LA is good too. But you'd better bring a translator, because the menus are in Chinese only and they won't translate for you, ... 
This 60 Hz hum is driving me crazy
@russ69  LOL re "I'm too lazy to type the whole path of isolating 60hz hum, but if that hum is "ear to the speaker", quit doing that." I had a hum like this and spent a lot of time in 3-way chat with the designer of my preamp and builder of my a... 
Best server to use WITHOUT Roon
I cannot imagine listening without Roon. I have discovered SO much new music and so many artists due to the hyperlinks and text information. I use an SGC core/server and it's been reliable, but for one issue that only took a shipment back to Andre... 
Can it get better?
I've thought of doing the reverse route: from separates to a really good integrated. When I said this to Richard Vandersteen, he laughed and said "Why? To save on one set of cables?" And I laughed. My thinking was that the synergy between a pream... 
What Is So Special About Harbeth?
I have heard a few Harbeths (and Grahams ... same BBC lineage). They are sweet on the right music, as stated here, The competition is tough in that price range, which for me is expensive for a stand mounted speaker with limited bottom end. I have ... 
Totally overwhelmed (speakers under $5k)
50 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio MID-PRICED Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 loudspeaker, $2500 Monitor Audio Silver 300 loudspeaker, $1999 >> Vandersteen Audio Model 2Ce Signature III loudspeaker, $3279 REL Acoustics T/7i subwoofer,... 
Protection needed for amp?
Eva Cassiday Blew Me Away with her cover of Wayfaring Stranger....
Slow used market right now?
I've been keeping an eye out for near new Vandersteen Treo CTs for over a year and haven't seen any. 2 years ago they popped up fairly often. Same with some other things I'm on the watch for.  
Upgraded McCormack DNA-1 or Dennis Had Inspire SEP?
I had a DNA-1 Deluxe for 20 years, loved it, and it finally died a few years ago (caps failed, and the main board reached its life expectancy). I made the mistake of not getting it rebuilt, and instead sold the dead box to SMc for $400 (iirc). MIS...