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Looking for a Warmer Sounding Phono Cartridge
Best MM is the Audio Note IQ iii Try ZYX for MC...they are very neutral with great detail. Not just an opinion as I own them.  
Best Full-Function Preamplifier
If you need all in one... Save some money and look for a Doshi V2.1 or an Audio Note M5 phono. Separate units you can go Coincident Technology.  If you need a remote then a top tier unit may be out of the question.  
Add External DAC or Upgrade to a New Streamer / DAC?
If you want great sound at a reasonable cost get a MHDT Orchid DAc with a 6922 tube adapter and a used Logitech Touch.  Probably under $1700 and sounds wonderful using Pandora.  This combo was better than the other streaming services available in ... 
VPI Periphery Ring / Center Weight
I found that the benefit was immediate when I installed the ring/clamp on my Scoutmaster. However, even greater improvement is gained from the SDS. Dollar for dollar, I would get the SDS before the ring/clamp. Mass is important for damping, but co... 
KT88 recom. for quicksilver mini mono's
I actually had the mini monos for some time and found that Russian tubes in general were not the best in these amps. The Tesla E34L is very good as are JJ E34L. Saratov KT66 (I think Groove Tube packages these, two styles I've seen) was very nice ... 
Spendor SP 2/3 Amplifier Load
Can't say about 2/3 but I am using mini mites to drive SP 9/1 with no problems at all. Plenty of bass and high end with that wonderful Quicksilver midrange. I think these are 91db speakers. Sounds better than my 120 watt per channel CJ amp on the ...