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Perla Audio + Focal!
Is Perla still around?? Sadly Perla Audio is not around and is owned by me now, (Terence Robinson owner of paradoxpulse.com), I have a couple of products for sale but will not continue any of the lines. 
Review: Denon DL 103R Cartridge
There is a review from positive-feedback recently for the Paradox Pulse Guard R with the SMR (Sapphire cantilever and Micro Ridge diamond) cartridge. The Guard R is simply the Guard body and Denon 103R cartridge fitted to it.Please take a look if ... 
103r Stylus replacement?
Try Andy at www.phonocartridgeretipping.com  I like the SMR Sapphire cantilever with Micro Ridge diamond. With that and a paradoxpulse body I rate it an 8 out of 10 performance wise. 
Recommend an MC Cartridge for my TT15S1 and...
With a Sapphire cantilever and Micro Ridge diamond (SMR) and the paradoxpules modification you will have a difficult time out performing it for less than $3k. 
Denon 103R load settings w/Moon LP5.3
The 470 is a very good load but 600 ohms is preferred in my system. 
TIME to break in a Denon 103R
At 50 hours they start to sound good but at 100 hours you will know what they sound like. 
Denon DL-103 -- Was it a mistake?
Load at 400 to 500 ohms unless you are stuck with a SUT. 
Denon DL-103 -- Was it a mistake?
These cartridges are incredible but will not even begin to tell you what they can do until 50 hours in and sound best at 100 plus hours. Many modifications available which vaults their performance even further. 
Denon 103r ????
I know the post is old but the Paradox Pulse R loaded at 400 to 700 ohms, do not use SUT's will out perform most anything out there, period. 
I used to think passive preamps were superior to active preamps given right the setup, but
I do not normally get in on these type of conversations but the facts are everyone is correct.Passive is the best interface sonically, least parts to hurt the sound.BUTIf the device cannot drive the load (input impedance) of the next device (usual... 
Review: Denon DL 103R Cartridge
I have not been around as long as ZU but check out the Paradox Pulse Guard cartridge it takes over where ZU left off.The Pulse Guard body is also available for the DIY and comes in 5 colors. I even have versions with Boron and Sapphire cantilevers. 
Amplifier repair/mod/upgrade in Orange County California?
I could look at it for you if you brought it by but I live in Victorville CA 92392. paradoxpulse.com