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Svs, Rel, or ?.
A second suggestion for the KEF KC62, as well.  
What do you guys think of adding a subwoofer to this system?
The most important part of extracting great performance with subwoofer(s) has been touched on by a couple of others. It is not only proper integration with your main speakers, but more importantly, with your room. Getting bass "right" can be chall... 
component grounding
More than likely, the addition of the grounding conductor was due to someone getting electrocuted or injured by an appliance in another industry, such as a clothes dryer, stove, etc.  Since the gear in our hobby is considered "appliances", it woul... 
inexpensive phono pre amp
I had the Parasound for several months before I upgraded my integrated amp.  It did nothing wrong and it seems like a fantastic value.  
Triangle Competitors?
For American made, there are quite a few offerings that might fit what you're looking for: Magnepan, Spatial Audio, Induction Dynamics, Vandersteen, McIntosh (?), Magico, Klipsch Heritage and JBL have been mentioned, already.   
Cost-effective integrated
For new, the Parasound NewClassic 200 is pretty nice and ticks most boxes that anyone could have. For used, there's a Classe CAP-101 here on Agon for sale.  Those are pretty nice, as well, with minimal features. NAD and Cambridge Audio also have... 
Best amp for Sonus Faber Cremona
When I was at Sumiko in 2008-ish for a class, they used Pass Labs for amplification on all the big speakers, like their Strads, Elipsa's and the like.   
Speaker shootout question -- do you position the same or differently, depending?
Generally, the room will dictate where the speakers will be placed within the room, to deal with peaks, nulls, modes, etc.  Once they're in those positions, then speaker toe and rake angles can be experimented with to dial in each given speaker pa... 
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
I was going to suggest the Buchardt A500 since you can't have a subwoofer and want bass.  But your budget and available room for speakers are mutually exclusive to your performance goals.  Within your budget, sacrificing deep bass, check out the ... 
Big Below 15k used that can play loud as heck
I'd look into something from the JBL Synthesis family.  
Integrated upgrade recomendations
How about the Leak Stereo 130 integrated?          
Looking for suggestions on speakers and an integrated amp for a second system.
For fuller sound at lower volumes, I'd suggest using part of the budget for a small subwoofer.  I have run one in my secondary home office rig for years and it allows me to have great performance at any volume but also the ability to run bookshelf... 
Struggling to spend 13k with three dealers
As others have suggested, I would call them.  You can hash out the deal within a couple of minutes that way and get the ball rolling.  
The response for REL regarding subwoofers
You could probably accomplish what you wanted with a pair of No.25 subs from REL, depending on room size and how loud you like to playback your music.   
sunfire mk ii sub
Hopefully after 12 years, the OP got that hum fixed.