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Do high end manufacturers need retail outlets?
There are 2 different business models.  The business model where a luxury manufacturer does not sell direct-to-consumer is purposefully built to drive traffic to the retail space so the prospective customer can see/ touch/ experience the products ... 
For all you Bose 901 Haters!
I had a few sets years ago.  They're a "fun" and in my opinion, good looking speaker when on their matching stands, especially the chrome ones.  (I'm a mid-century modern fan).  They must be used with the equalizer, if not, they sound worse than a... 
50 hours on Monitor Gold 200's enough?
I had 2 sets of identical Monitor Audio Golds. 1 set I used daily for over a year and the 2nd set was fresh out of the carton. Side-by-side, myself nor anyone in the room with me could tell a difference in performance between the two sets.  Just m... 
Looking for nearfield passive speakers that are warm and rich
How about something like the Sonus Faber Concerto's, Concertino's, Minima Amator II's, Cremona Auditor/ Auditor M's or some Vienna Acoustic Hyden's?  
How do you play music on a Marshall speaker?
I have a Bluetooth Marshall speaker in my garage.  It just links to my phone when I'm out there.  (??)  
Mixing Ethernet Cables
Holmz and btscott are correct.  Just use the copper Cat5 and you'll be more than fine.   
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
Well, go ahead and install indoor speakers outside, rather than any of the high-performance, weatherproof speakers designed for that purpose, then.  Just sayin'.  
Luxman L505uXii or Hegel H390
Bookshelf Speaker For Outdoors
I would not use indoor speakers outdoors like that. The best, but not the cheapest wall-mount outdoor speakers I have ever used were the NEAR LB8’s and LB6’s.  Just increase your budget and check them out.    Another option are the landscape and ... 
This 60 Hz hum is driving me crazy
Another grounding issue I had was from the cable TV box. There was a splitter on the outside of the house, which needs to be grounded and it was, to the steel conduit/ main breaker panel just above it. But, that grounding clamp and steel pipe had ... 
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
Well, I guess I'm not an "real audiophile," because of some random doorknobs opinion on Youtube.  😀  
This 60 Hz hum is driving me crazy
I had a hum years ago that I couldn't get rid of, until I removed the outlet from the wall.  It turned out that the ground wire, which is bare, was just barley touching the hot lead screw terminal in the box.  I just rearranged the Romex in the bo... 
Looking for small active STEREO speakers I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with
I always thought those B&W MM-1 speakers were nice.  
Best Bang for the Buck Upgrade
I'd look at a pair of nice subwoofers and some basic room treatments, if you don't have any, yet.  
Would appreciate a group consensus on Agon purchased amps
This is not a big deal.  Just buy some basic power cords as suggested and move on with your life.  Geez.