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Subwoofer Spl Output
That would depend on the enclosure.  The right driver in a big enough and properly tuned box could shake the house.  But, it would be huge.  
Amplifier for desktop near field system
McIntosh MHA150 or an offering from Peachtree, maybe?  
Are Harbeth the only warm and euphonic speakers in town ?
How about some Vienna Acoustics Hyden’s?  There have been a number of versions over the years, but they’re all quite polite.   
GIK alternatives
I used ATS just over a year ago with great results.   
Speakers: Anything really new under the sun?
The basic designs may be similar to the way they were 20, 30, 40+ years ago, but materials, manufacturing and engineering have become incrementally better each year.  Today there are manufacturers that sell direct-to-consumer and will ship gear t... 
Outdoor Landscape series speakers
For that size pool area, you could easily install (2) of the sub/satellite systems where you would have 4 satellites and 1 subwoofer on either side of the pool area.  Depending on the layout of the other areas in relation to the pool area, you mig... 
Outdoor Landscape series speakers
I've done a quite a number of landscape systems over the years.  For the aspect of the speakers, the best performing and most rugged I have ever dealt with are from Near and James Loudspeaker.  Those two are some truly fine speaker offerings.  ht... 
Recommended integrated amplifier for upgrade
I run a MA5200, the predecessor to the 5300 in my office system and it has run all the speakers I've connected to it just fine, including Concertino's and Concerto's from SF.  The Luxman, Accuphase or the McIntosh the OP listed would be great.  Ju... 
Speakers with a slightly warm midrange
Vienna Acoustics.  
Who actually heard the Infinity IRS?
You can contact PS Audio since they use a set for voicing and have them set up in a listening room for demo’s.  They (Paul), should have a ton of info about them.   
Needs advice for Power/Int Amp up to ~2700$ (New/Used) - MF/McIntosh
I have a MA5200, which is similar to the MA5300 you listed and I love it.  I would also look at the Yamaha you listed as well as the Parasound offerings.  
Subs and room nodes
Those are some serious speakers.  When your dealer gets there, you may find that all is needed is some small physical adjustments of the speakers within the room and possibly a small adjustment to your listening position to better take advantage o... 
Amp or Integrated amps for SVS Ultra Towers
Hopefully after 8 years, he made a decision.  
Do high end manufacturers need retail outlets?
There are 2 different business models.  The business model where a luxury manufacturer does not sell direct-to-consumer is purposefully built to drive traffic to the retail space so the prospective customer can see/ touch/ experience the products ... 
For all you Bose 901 Haters!
I had a few sets years ago.  They're a "fun" and in my opinion, good looking speaker when on their matching stands, especially the chrome ones.  (I'm a mid-century modern fan).  They must be used with the equalizer, if not, they sound worse than a...