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Wanted: integrated amp, phono stage, headphone output, American made
You can find them pre-loved on one of those sites that sell used audio gear….  
Wanted: integrated amp, phono stage, headphone output, American made
I was going to suggest the MA5300, as well.  If there is a budgetary concern, a MA5200 would also be a great option.  
low bass response
I'd say it's probably the listening position and/ or the speaker positioning within the room that is causing a perceived bass loss at your listening position.  A quick way to find out if this is the case is to simply move your listening chair 1-2 ... 
4 speakers in a large room
Sounds good.  Let us know how it turns out.  
4 speakers in a large room
When I did distributed audio and there was a room with 4 speakers, we would wire the stereo pairs where the “left” speakers, as wired to the amplifier, were kitty-corner to one another and the “rights” were the same. This way, there was stereo sou... 
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
sethbowers and laoman:  Just because somebody doesn't want to purchase a product made in a certain country, doesn't mean they are necessarily racist. My Asian wife and her whole family have no love for anything China.  Nor does my my best friend,... 
Bathroom grooves
Marshall Emberton:    
Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.
I think the Devialet offerings are a hybrid design with great reviews.  They can be had used for just under your budget.  
Good but cheap bluetooth speakers
I like the offerings from Marshall.   
Best Smaller Bookshelf Speakers For Use Exclusively With Ambient Music?
Do you have a budget in mind?  
Any tricks to remove drivers from a (sticky) cabinet
If the removal of the binding post doesn’t work, and you’re forced to trying to pry the driver out, go to an auto parts store and buy a set of auto interior trim removal tools. They’re usually about $15 and come with several sizes and shapes of pl... 
My last Integrated Amp: $5-10,000?
There are quite a lot of good options in that budget range.  In addition to what has been suggested, there are also some Accuphase offerings (E-280, E-380), as well as the Cary Audio SI-300.2d. I run a McIntosh MA5200 and its fantastic for me.  I... 
Can anyone recommend someone who recap crossovers
I imagine GR-Research could take care of this for you.   
Advice from Audiogon family - best speaker $3k-$4k
A great alternative to Sonus Faber would be Vienna Acoustics.   
Hey - What Happened to the Beware of Viking Acoustics Thread
Perhaps Agon pulled it temporarily to gather facts from both parties in order to verify everything before reinstating the thread.  (??)