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In-wall speakers vs. bookshelves plus subwoofer for Stereo/HT setup
If you go inwalls, and budget permits, look towards James Loudspeakers.  They're about as high quality as can be. They are built with aluminum enclosures and top-notch components through out.  
Subwoofer Confusion
It will work fine if you connect the speaker level input terminals on your subwoofer to the speaker terminals on your integrated. No additional load is placed on the integrated in doing so.  
How to connect subwoofers
If you're using the rca inputs on the subs, you can connect one or both of them with a Y cable. It makes no difference. I looked through the owners manual and either way, rca or speaker level inputs, will be fine for you.  
How to connect subwoofers
Using the high-level speaker connectors on the subs is fine. I don't see a problem connecting them to the speaker terminals, rather than the amp, if it's easier for you. The speaker level inputs on most subs are usually many thousands of ohms impe... 
Should I expect a discount from dealer for buying and installing complete system
$125/hr in the Bay Area is fair. There’s no money in tv’s, Apple products, or the DVD player. The only profitable items are the speakers. Asking for a discount could seem offensive to him. Personally, if I had a customer in your position, I’d be m... 
How many brands use own drivers?
Phase Technology.   
Tight bass sub recommendations
Does the op have a budget or any room/layout constraints? 
Best multi-purpose subwoofer
Of the 3 subs the OP is looking at under his $600 budget, the Earthquake is an absolute beast compared to the others. I owned a couple of those before and that's a lot of subwoofer for $600.  
why go against REL setup recommendation?
Holy zombie thread, Batman! 
James, Artison or Goldenear Soundbars?
Keith,The Artison Masterpiece speakers do a great job of reproducing the center channel and keeping the dialog anchored to the screen.  Going that route or with a good soundbar, (like a James), can give great results for what you are trying to acc... 
James, Artison or Goldenear Soundbars?
Yes, Scottsdale.  I'm a James dealer so I'll pm you my number in case you have any further questions, you can contact me.  
James, Artison or Goldenear Soundbars?
Btw, are you in AZ? 
James, Artison or Goldenear Soundbars?
James and Artison are both great performers. Truly top-notch gear. James offers several sizes, even larger models with 5.25" woofers, multiple tweeter-arrays, etc. One thing James offers is custom built speakers/soundbars etc that will fit your TV...