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Good Stereo Speakers for outside use during BBQs, evening pot luck dinners etc
I’ve heard just about every outdoor weatherproof speaker on the market. The best enclosed model I’ve seen is the Near LB8, with the LB6 just behind: there, the sub/satellite systems from Near/ Sonance/ Episo... 
What are in these Bose speakers anyways
Holy Zombie Thread, Batman! 
The best looking speakers
We love our Vienna Acoustics Schonberg's in one system, the Beolab 8000's in another. The Kef Blades are nice, as are many of the offerings from Sonus Faber.  
Been asked before but... One sub or two?
In before a post about a swarm setup....amazing. More subs are usually better than a single. However, setting them up and getting multiples dialed-in can be quite a challenge.  I run a pair in my main room and I spent quite a lot of time setting t... 
Does raising speaker cables off the floor really make a big difference?
Cable risers are just more snake oil.  
Need Perfect Speakers for Acoustically Hostile Placement
What's your total budget? 
Speaker Stands for Sonus Faber Concerto
I have a set of these that I really like the looks of: They are a matte finish, though whereas the picture shows them to be glossy.  
Rel "legacy" subs and fixing the amplifiers.
Contact Gary at The Audio Wizard here in Scottsdale Az @ 480-946-7164. He repaired my Stentor amp as well as another guys Stadium amp with no issues.  I believe he has the schematics for this family of amps and I even lent him my Stadium III amp f... 
Where subwoofers are manufactured
James Loudspeakers are mostly USA made and Phase Technology are US made.  
Are Martin Logans considered polite?
Nice 15 year-old zombie thread bump!  That might be a record.  
How To Clean Piano Black Speaker Finish?
I've always had great results by first removing the dust with a Swiffer Duster, then using a microfiber cloth and Mothers quick detail spray. I would spray a little on the speaker, then some on the cloth. Then, gently wipe the speaker to remove an... 
Speaker Break In...? Or listener “Break In”?
It's listener break-in. I've done A/B comparisons on identical speaker models before, with one pair being new, out-of-the-box and the other pair being 1, 2 or more years old, with no discernible difference in sound. I dont think I've ever heard so... 
In-wall speakers vs. bookshelves plus subwoofer for Stereo/HT setup
If you go inwalls, and budget permits, look towards James Loudspeakers.  They're about as high quality as can be. They are built with aluminum enclosures and top-notch components through out.  
Subwoofer Confusion
It will work fine if you connect the speaker level input terminals on your subwoofer to the speaker terminals on your integrated. No additional load is placed on the integrated in doing so.  
How to connect subwoofers
If you're using the rca inputs on the subs, you can connect one or both of them with a Y cable. It makes no difference. I looked through the owners manual and either way, rca or speaker level inputs, will be fine for you.