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electronic music
I love Kraftwerk. Bought all of their LPs I can get hands on.   
Looking for a nice outrigger knob like this ...
Thats fine.  Can you post some pics pls?  Thanks.   
Looking for a nice outrigger knob like this ...
Hi Jerry,  No need for chromed. My preference is brass or mat aluminum. Do you have some sample photos? Also how much would you charge? I need four of them.    Thanks.   
Schitt Yggdrasil More is Better
I don't have any experience with Schitt Yaggie Dacs but I have upgraded Dacs many times. Each upgrades costed almost double from a previous device but  obvious performance improvements. But just with anything, I think you will hit diminishing retu... 
quest for speaker upgrade
I heard the 30 anniversery Grand Avant Gard at the last Toronto audiofest with pass labs electronics. Found them a bit soft, smooth and easy to listen to but if you like that sound then it might be the one for you. I just got JA Perspective2s. The... 
Cardas Customer Service is Amazing!
That's a good story. Irrespective of how much companies charge for the stuff they make, excellent after care service should be must in this hobby, but it is becoming less common now days. Thanks for sharing. Love my Cardas cables too.   
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
Judge : I heard these speakers and I have to agree with the reviewer's / defendant sentiment.   
Thin Line Between Critique and Courtrooms: A Dialogue on the Recent Audiophile Drama
So I guess there's no 1st amendment in hifi journalism? Reviewers review a product however he wishes to and tell his thoughts about it however he wants to. It is up to viewers how they react to the review either buy it or not. I commend review wh... 
Example of a piece o’ crap, useless review
I just read the last paragraph of reviews and try to interpret what the reviewers convey. The more dramatic parting message is more bullshit it sounds to me. If the reviewer liked the product then conclusion is short n sweet by saying he bought th... 
Review: Pure Fidelity Harmony Turntable
I bought PF Encore TT and upgraded to Harmony MK2 with OL Enterprise mk4 tonearm. If you have PF table with Maestro controller, you must upgrade it to Conductor. The new speed controller is much more substantial not just in size, but performance a... 
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
I have owned several different Dacs with different setups, but I often wonder about the question at least at a theoretical level. I currently have Holo May Kte which is very good sounding Dac. It is non over sampled R2R DAC which also has impressi... 
The Midnight Effect - Who-How?
Both movies and music all better at night.   
Turntable prices. Is my mind going?
Some rich people just don't care about having a nice stereo systems.   
Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh
Jay? Who's that?   
Getting into vinyl for the first time
Get ifi iPhone 3 if you can. When I was shopping for phono stages that came up highly recommended in that budget. Once you have a basic analog setup, just build up your vinyl collection and gradually upgrade your gear. This hobby can take you to s...