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CJ MF 2500A:is it gonna open up?
I was at work for 2 days and left it running.When i came back i noticed a big positive difference in the way it sounds,it is opening up.I am not worried anymore,thanx for all your consolations and Happy New Year!P.S.MF 200 sounds like pure tubes t... 
CJ MF 2500A:is it gonna open up?
I still have MF 200.MF 2500A has more detail,but listening to it doesn't hold your attention.Nothing is wrong with the amp ,It sounds like Krell,powerful but cold.I'll give it another week. 
Conrad Johnson Premier 350 solid state amp
They always take their time with the website.The store section is under construction for over 5 years now.As you probably read,the whole company consist of only 18 employees. 
Snell type B:any upgrades?
I dobt that Snell type B ever came with a plastic binding posts.Mine came with the brass ones and i was the original owner.