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Bob Robbins' setup guide
I have had bob set two sets of speakers for me.  The process works great and I was more than please with his work.  If you can follow the process than give it a try!  
Dedicated Electrical
Thanks guys!  
Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 3
Has anyone compared  the Alpha 3 to the reference 3?  Was it better?  How and by how much?   thanks  
Connecting monoblock tube amps to single subwoofer.
I run a carbon special on my Pass mono's.  I just left the ground wire floating and wired left/right to each amp.  I have zero hum/noise.  
Pass XA100.8 or X260.8
Yep on Mark but he is not taking any new Biz till they finish relocation.  I have been in touch w/ Kent English from Pass so I think i have a good game plan!!!Thanks 
Pass XA100.8 or X260.8
Thanks for the advice!!!!