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Question about Rotel RA-1520 pre out
Thank you.  I had been thinking about where to go next for quite some time and wondered how poor of a decision I had made?  I haven't been able to pin down why the integrated's timing was incrementally off.  Dsp?  Not enough juice?  And what allow... 
Question about Rotel RA-1520 pre out
Well, the headphones are just to get me by for the meantime.  I really want to find something proper for the speakers as they are power hungry and, I was wondering what other people's thoughts were.  
Musical Fidelity A220 integrated amp
I had a similar experience with a Rotel RA-1520 integrated amp.  It might just be because it's class A and needs that initial warm up time?  The devil is in the detail and, I'm not schooled enough to answer in a technical way but, just wanted to s... 
Budget integrated amp needed
About your speakers, commented "Well, it looks like it's not boomy, it's just got muted treble".  So, that being said maybe look at a used yamaha integrated amplifier or receiver, as yamaha is known to sound resolving/ have clarit...