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Help me buy a Garrard
See my 401. If I was doing it again, I would be tempted to get a Grail Audio refurb but like the others mentioned, there are alternatives. If you don't fancy working on the unit, it is the only way to go. There is a guy on ebay doing plinths for $... 
Ortofon Red on Thorens TP16 tonearm
So it is true if you haven't upgraded the wiring? ;-) 
Ortofon Red on Thorens TP16 tonearm
The Red should be fine. This arm isn't good enough to justify spending on the higher priced cartridges. 
UP-OCC solid core copper for speaker cable
Make your own! They are all stranded as the solid core is springy and unwieldy. Apparently the NEI 3002 is very good. 
trim pots next to 12AX7s on VTL TL-5.5
Unless they are mentioned in the manual, leave well alone. 
UP-OCC solid core copper for speaker cable
Duvallite, 12 might give fuller bass. Certainly if you use big amps and like to go loud. 
Clear Day Cables Speaker Cables
Milpai, my old cables were 14 gauge mains solid core paralleled with a pair from CAT6. They were smooth and musical with good snap and air. The Clear Day were not as good for me. The new UPOCC are very good. 
UP-OCC solid core copper for speaker cable
Ghosthouse, they replaced my other homemade cables made up of 14 gauge mains wire paralleled with a pair from CAT6 which replaced ClearDay solid silver cables. 
Clear Day Cables Speaker Cables
I tried the Shotguns on loan after reading the rave reviews. I ran them in for a week. There were aspects of the sound that were promising such as a semblance of airy transparency. However the music wasn't flowing for me in my turntable/tube setup... 
Tube Friendly High End "Big" speakers
Not that big a room. Save a lot of $ with these. On the Gon now. 
Granite surface plate
I use 3 x granite block samples as feet for my turntable. (They are about 4" x 4" x 1.5") I decouple the plinth from the blocks with brass compression rings on their side. See my system pics. This way there is no granite ringing but there is excel... 
Has Anyone Found Shunyata Cables Sounding Thin?
++ Douglas 
easier to drive specifically Harbeth v Vandersteen
++ Harbeth. Imaging and midband are fantastic. 
Stylus cleaner
+ magic eraser. 
VAC amps and Focal Grand Utopias at $195k a pair
In fairness, maybe the amps and source were to blame...