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New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
 I'm seriously looking into this one. Fits my needs and I have the perfect stands for them: my Wharfedale Litton stands that my JBL 4319s are using as of now.  All the best, Nonoise  
Where to buy Rega amp
You can buy it with a good return policy from Music Direct. It's where I got my integrated, speakers, and power conditioner from. Great guys to deal with.  All the best, Nonoise  
Need TiVo" 4 digit code for my amp
@hgeifman ,  Great to hear and glad to be of help. It seems that with the hundreds of codes used by manufacturers, not all are or can be listed.  All the best, Nonoise  
The Killer Has Died
Great write up over on Vulture on the career of Lewis: Not the kind of life I'd lead but then, that's me. All the best, Nonoise  
Need TiVo" 4 digit code for my amp
Try this: Search for a code to control the volume on your A/V or stereo receiver 1. Cover the end of the TiVo remote control with your hand. 2. Hold down the TiVo and Mute buttons simultaneously until the red (or amber) light on the remote contr... 
Beware the audio guru
Did they remove their own posts as another means to incite and scramble back into the woodwork?  
To couple, or not to couple, that is the question
I read a review a few days back on a speaker and the background story dealt with coupling/decoupling. The maker said not to use springs as the speaker cones are meant to work against the cabinet holding them and if the speaker can react and move w... 
Do YOU have a flat frequency response in your room?
I don't think I do I don't care that I don't As of now, I revel in the sound that I get Having said that, I don't think I ever want to know All the best, Nonoise  
Technics sr u 1000 ... vs Accuphase e-480
I came across this, this morning: 2022 Golden Ear: Technics SU-R1000 Reference Class Integrated Amplifier   by Anthony Cordesman   Technics SU-R1000 Reference Class Integrated Amplifier $9499 Having said this, my final selection is the... 
Technics sr u 1000 ... vs Accuphase e-480
Japan is 110V, 60 Hz west of the Fujigawa river and 110V, 50Hz, east of the river. Go figure. You can basically operate anything made in the US over in Japan without dire consequences but the same doesn't hold for the other way 'round.  Having sa... 
Pleasurably better, not measurably better
Then, there's the "SGR" thing.  I became familiar with this term back in my home automation days when a gathering of really smart guys would occupy the same room and quickly attempt to establish who is the "Smartest Guy in the Room."  Audio forum... 
Pleasurably better, not measurably better
Pleasurably better, not measurably better. Love it. There's simply no argument against it save for trolling and insults and it brings us all back to the point of this hobby: it's what we, ourselves, enjoy. Remove dogmatic objectivism from the ... 
The QTS for a troll must be yuuuge! Lots of reverberations in my head after reading this. Should have know better. Lesson learned.  
Who is Gonna Buy A New Jeep Grand Wagoneer For the MacIntosh Stereo?
When the hoopla dies down with the big blue meters, I hear Jeeps going to use Faberge eggs for the shift handles.  
CD player suggestions...
You could nab this Marantz CD-60 at $779. It's an open box item with the same guarantee as a brand new one. All the best, Nonoise