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Solid-State Preamp/Crossover
Consider a separate pre and crossover. Bryston makes a great analog x-over and great preamps. 
streaming with benchmark2-dx DAC - problem - no signal to preamp
If you have headphones plugged in you may not get output to the XLR/RCA outputs. Try unplugging the headphones. 
Bryston 7Bsst2 vs Parasound JC1
If you like the Bryston, there's a guy on Agon right now with a Two BP-26's & MPS2 for $2k. That's a deal. I paid more for one BP-26 and I love it. 
Intergrated amp question Krell KAV 300i Versus Creek Derstiny
I owned a KAV 300i and currently own a MF A308. The MF is probably more in-line with what you are looking for. Huge, organic sound. Almost tube-like but with great power and bass.It’s  been a long time since I owned the Krell but I do remember it ... 
SVS Subwoofer Isolation feet. Will I lose bass?
I added the SVS feet under my 3 subs on a tile over slab floor. I had a problem with things on the walls and shelves rattling when the lowest notes were played at moderate volume. The feet solved that problem. Whatever the reduction in bass was is... 
Thoughts on choosing an amplifier
I'm using a Benchmark AHB2 now and can't imagine that being the weak link in your system, no matter what speakers you choose.I use one AHB2 with multiple powered subs, so 100 wpc is fine.It is extremely transparent and throws a deep, wide soundsta... 
Anyone still using this player? Sony DVP-S9000ES
I still have mine and bought it new 20ish years ago. At some point it became finicky with less than perfect discs. It still sounds great, especially with SACD. 
How can I limit the volume on integrated amp
Millercarbon, thank you for the input. I'll give it a shot. Any direction on where to find the resistors? 
How can I limit the volume on integrated amp
It's a beach condo. It's made for weekly rentals. I plan to spend a few weeks a year there and it'd be nice to have a decent system to use while I'm there.After reading the responses I'm thinking a cheap bluetooth sound bar is the way to go. 
Can I use XLR to connect pre-amp to amp and RCA to connect pre-amp to sub?
Yes. No problem. As long as both the xlr and rca outputs can be driven at the same time from your pre. 
Can Biwire speaker cables be used on speakers without biwire terminals?
You can put both spades together on the speaker terminals or strip the spades off and re-terminate with one spade on each leg. 
Bazaar buzz
Try plugging your interconnects into your preamp. Still have a buzz? 
Vandersteen Treo CT vs. 5A
@tomic601 I'm in New Orleans but thanks for the invite and the input. 
Vandersteen Treo CT vs. 5A
Bob, Thanks for the feedback. My preamp is a Bryston BP-26 with benchmark DAC3 and VPI Aries/Lyra Kleos/Pass Labs Ono.Do you think the subs in the Quatro could load my room? It's an odd-shaped room, 16x32 with openings to a hallway and entryway.  
Looking for suggestions
What components do you have and what type of music do you listen to?