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Need help with MM cartridge choice
Have a look at the Garrott bros line of Phono cartridges. You will find one in your budget and won't be disappointed. Also with the current exchange rate, you will save 0.25$ on the dollar!  
Atma-Sphere MP-3
Pstores,Does your Mp-3 have the phono option? If so, what improvement have you noticed updating it from 3.2, to 3.3? 
Amplifier for Altec Valencia speakers
LOL, good one Ralph!  
End of Snell Acoustics?
It is sad to hear that these great speakers will no longer be produced. But I am happy to hear someone comment on the ci which I have owned since 87. Ait, I have found the ci's to perform as exactly as you feel and more. Over the years of making i... 
Looking to upgrade my preamp - suggestions?
Have you considered mods to your current pre-amp? I was at a similar point with my system last fall. I felt my Jadis DPL needed to be stepped up to a JPL. At the suggestion of my cable supplier I contacted Bob and Gary at RHB Sound Dezign. http://... 
Jadis Preamps: has anyone had any mods?
I also had v-caps installed and had the same improvements.Had the work done by RHB Sound Dezign. They also installed their new dynamic linearty circit. As well as a power supply mod and I am amazed at the results. It's taken my entry level Jadis t... 
Cal Audio Delta Lab 24/96 Prone to tube failures?
Just a correction, It turns out that the new tubes run at a slightly higher current causing a voltage drop at the tube filaments. So without the correct voltage for the tubes the circuit simply drops out. Bob Backert, RHB Sound Dezign