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Audio room dimensions
I just found out about a company that could probably help you: Auralex at www.truesoundcontrol.com. They offer free room analysis and recommendations (existing and unconstructed)as well as products. I'm going to give them a try. Good luck. 
Is a pre/pro considered digtal or analog ?
Treyhoss and Lneilb, The B&K Ref 20 pre/pro does have a bypass which keeps the signal analog for stereo, but it converts an analog input signal back to digital whenever the DTS, ProLogic or other processing is selected. I only use processing f... 
Is a pre/pro considered digtal or analog ?
Lneilb, Makes sense. Do you think I should stick with the analog or try a jitter filter? Thanks. 
Is a pre/pro considered digtal or analog ?
I agree with the above. I have a B&K Reference 20 preamp/processor that can handle digital or analog inputs and outputs. I used an optical digital cable from my CD digital out to the digital input on the preamp. So the digital signal from the ... 
Do power conditioners help with unwanted hum/noise
You may want to try this before you spend much $$$. I had a sporadic hum that I thought was in the AC line. I ran a new AC outlet back to the circuit breaker but it didn't cure it. I discovered the cause by accident when I disconnected the cable ... 
Best speakers, used, for around $1,000.
I just picked up Magnepan 2.7s for $1k on Audiogon and they sound amazing, even with an old Aragon 4004 MKII amp driving them. I think they would sound better with your setup. They're not bright but are very detailed and open. Bottom end is a litt... 
What's your profession? Age?
Operations Mgr for a book and software distribution center. Age 46. Got Maggie fever 20 yrs ago. Invested about $6.5K in my 2 channel system, half used from Audigon and half new. I'm all SS now but thinking of switching to tubes, atleast the preamp.