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Any Audio Show in NYC in 2014??
Here is an explanation regarding the move to Brooklyn and to September. 
Speaker and Amp dilemma
I recommend reading this paper before making any decisions. loudspeaker sensitivity from Musical Fidelity 
Audio Research pre-amps?
My experience in regards to bass extension with the ARC SP-16 is on point with Mapman's. It may well be possible to get more bass out of my system, but I am not missing it. The bass that is there is tight and under control, more so than with other... 
Audio Research pre-amps?
I will second Mapman's suggestion. I also have an ARC SP-16 which I use with a pair of Quicksilver Midmonos to drive Monitor audio RS-6 speakers.I agree the SP-16 does not sound overly warm but does take the edge off the highs. 
Wood armwand vs Metal armwand
How about carbon fiber? This is used by many manufactures. Or better yet composites such a metal wood laminates or other combinations. I believe these would provide the best solution for resonances while allowing the designer to maintain an optima... 
Anti-Cable Power Cables
Yes Geoff the power cords are, if you reverse them your amp will supply power to the grid. I guess that what makes them affordable! 
"Slam"--what is it, is it really accurate?
It's the room before the rest. Then it is the proper pairing of speakers and amp.Case in point, when I first moved into my room, my system sounded fine but the bass response was not very good. I added treatments installed a proper rack dialed in t... 
Bi-wire: is it worth it?
@Kijanki, IMHO your back EMF explanation is the only plausible one I have heard for why it would be beneficial to bi-wire. However, I wonder then what the point is of bi-wiring with a cable that has all for wires twisted and wrapped in the same sh... 
System advice
You can't go wrong with RX6s. I have the RS6s and love them. They are easy to drive and sound exquisite. Mind you, I prefer the Rs6 over the Rx6s.The Creek should be a fine match to drive them in your room. I have driven mine with a 35W Marantz PM... 
Shocking 3D sound in 2 channel
It is not the speakers, its the room.Well the speakers and room working together. The greatest speakers that overwhelm the room will not produce 3D imaging, whereas mediocre speakers set up correctly within a room can produce a 3D image, mind you ... 
High Pitched Electronic Noise from AC/Heater Unit
Is it cold outside, that is below -5c or 20F? 
How does relative humidity affect our music?
What type of heating do you have? Is your furnace electric? If so then maybe the current draw of the furnace is the culprit?Mind you, I hear the difference in humidity in the air, generally in spring when you get the first hot humid days and there... 
Advice on selecting a tube amp
Nicknac,You can't go wrong with Quicksilver. Amazing sound and built like a tank. What pre-amp do you plan on using? 
System too bassy - Primaluna & Usher
Maybe the root of the problem is not the bass frequencies. The speaker measurements shown in the stereofile link posted by Samhar show that the speakers have sensitivity of 85db coupled with 4 ohm and -41 deg phase angle at around 2k Hz.This would... 
Floor protectors - Under speaker spikes
Twoonies! What is a Twoonies you may ask? A Canadian 2$ coin, this a revolutionary component engineered of dual metal structure. Additionally, It's increased circumferential a diametrical dimensions provide extension into the low end frequency ran...