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Best Covers
Mark Kozelek's album of Bon Scott-era, AC/DC covers, "What's Next To The Moon".  
Review : Emerson ER-7001 Am/Fm radio. Return of the radio king!
I listen to two local NPR stations (WNCW,, WSGE) in the car. Only place to go to hear eclectic new music.  Can't tell you how many great obscure vinyl albums I've purchased due to this. And also, the "World Cafe" show is outstanding.   
Does a particular musician’s songwriting and artistry speak to you above all others?
A lot of what has already been mentioned for me (Dylan stands out), but I'm partial to Elvis Costello.  A lot of songs he's written, I can't imagine how someone can think up lyrics like that. "Wish that i could push a button, and talk in the past... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Purchased Wilson Sophia 1s about 4 years ago.  They're fabulous and I'll always have them, but i don't think my room gets the best out of them.  Would love to work with a sound/room consultant to see what can be done to help (if such a person exis... 
What To Do?
Alls well that ends well. The referrer got in touch with the tech, who then called me. Equipment pickup this weekend (and it's repaired, I'm assured). He's a good guy, was very apologetic. Just too much going on in his life.  i appreciate all the... 
What To Do?
Don’t like it…don’t follow it  
What To Do?
Barts, funny you should say that.....the referrer e-mailed the tech yesterday for me.  No response yet, but I'm hopeful. If this does go to small claims court, should I cite "Audiophiles vs. Noah Schumacher" as the precedent?   
What To Do?
I should clarify even further.  To my knowledge he only takes appointments to meet him at his shop. I'm sure he's there at other times, but i know he has a full-time day job. So, my chances of seeing him at the shop are very low.  And, of course, ... 
What To Do?
To clarify.....he does his tech work as a side venture. Has a shop, but does not keep consistent or regular hours, so going there will be a shot in the dark, which i don't have time to do.  So, I'm not calling the police about the repair, I'd be c... 
Looking for Turntable Reccomendations
This table is a classic and looks great: 
Being alone with your music
One of my earliest memories is being (probably) 3 years old and going down for my afternoon nap, crying, because what kid didn't over that, and hearing "Theme From A Summer Place" coming from the stereo. Still can't hear that song without being ta... 
RIP Robbie Robertson
Big Pink was the first CD i ever bought (in '87, fresh out of school and could finally afford a player).  Thinking of myself as a music historian I debated long and hard about what would be my first CD and chose that one. Listened to it, didn't li... 
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
Freedy Johnston - Evi’s Tears Dire Straits - Planet Of New Orleans Ryan Adams - La Cienega Smiles  
A perfect song? What are your choices?
The Spinners - Could It Be I’m Falling In Love  Certainly not the greatest song of all time, but all parts of it are beautiful, bring out both happy and sad emotions, has an amazing bridge, perfect pace, vast and incredible choice of instruments,... 
Favourite Guitarists
John Fahey