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What is the weakest link in my C system
With all the cables you're using, why not check out the more affordable Stealth cable listings (click on "Pricing") on I have a full complement of them in my system, and it's never sounded nearly so good. 
DIY CAT 5 Project. Need Help!
I used to make my own cables, interconnect, speaker and power cords, and was very proud of them, and they were better than some "name brand" cables I'd previously owned. Then I ran into STEALTH cables, as they are now called, and they are HUGELY b... 
Cable Upgrade from SW Virtuoso
I'm now using a full complement of a new cable line that's offered Internet-direct with a money-back return policy. If you're like me (whole system Stereophile Class A), you won't dream of returning them. They compete with cables costing two to th... 
Bass Control with Traps
I'd read relevant sections of F. Alton Everest, Sound Studio Construction on a Budget. You can discover just where your major room nodes are, and how to build perforated panel absorbers to handle them--which can be mounted at the ceiling (probably... 
Cable recomendation
I've changed recently from Audio Magid to STEALTH speaker cables, and was amazed by the improvement. And affordable! Email me for more information, and I'll put you in touch with their maker, who can advise on a particular model.