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Responses from nhorton

The best CD player with volume control
Carl, you commented on the CD50 coming back into production this summer. The only thing on resolution's web site was the CD55 which sounds like a replacement for the CD50. Do you know the deal with what is happening with those two? Also Petland, d... 
Help! Will lubricant affect spkr.cables?
BE CAREFUL. Don't want to venture many guesses as to what such a lubricant would do to the parts involved. I would recommend getting some sort of contact enhancement solution and using it. It should slicken things up a bit but is designed for that... 
Worst Audio Injury !!
I tripped while carrying a brand new CD player and did everything I could while falling to keep the CD player from hitting the ground and that meant landing right on my back hard. 
Interconnects between DAC and Pre
My favorite brand is always Cardas. Depending on your system and budget, Golden Cross, Golden Reference, Neutral Referance or Cross could all work. 
Super Audio CD
OK, I was not trying to start a holy war with this question. Bulldogger, thank you very much for your input. It was helpful I am curious as to which SACD player you were using that you so enjoyed and whether you tested its ability as a regular CD ... 
Loudspeaker recommendations for Mac amps
I think that with VERY good placement Martin Logans might be quite nice with the Macs. 
My Only Question Is.........
Well the best preamplifier made by many accounts is the Conrad-Johnson ART, at $20,000. That is probably the most likely to not harm the signal at all. The other option is that perhaps you could use a switching device to switch between the Wadia s... 
Try something from the Totem line. I also would recommend the B&W 805. 
Biggest Sonic Improvement
When I finally spent the money to buy some actual high end interconnects instead of some generic OFC cable. I hated myself for not doing it earlier. 
Cardas cables
I use cardas cross in my system, but I do think the golden cross is bettter. Drubin described it pretty well. My recommendation is that if your system is still in a lot of flux, use normal cross, but if you have very good equipment then using the ... 
Need help : Mit or Cardas?
I do not know the AP Oval 9 so I can't comment on it but I have used a lot of Cardas cable and some MIT and I have always thought the Cardas was better. I would not go with golden cross and hexlink though. I suggest buying Cardas Cross or Neutral ... 
MP3 players
Here is the deal with MP3. It is lossy compression getting its original data from CD. Most every MP3 out there was ripped from a CD and then had a lot of data thrown out. You lose info. You might argue that the data lost is not important, but I th... 
Help ! Levinson No333 or No.33H
Cash, sorry, bad typo. Also the power issue should not be too significant unless your speakers are very difficult to drive. 
Help ! Levinson No333 or No.33H
This is not a hard one. I don't think the 333 even sounded that good, and the 33h is pretty righteous. If nothing else I think the soundstaging on the 33h is significantly better. If you have the cach that is a very good upgrade. 
Does speaker cable length really matter?
The other advantage using a long interconnect to amp run as opposed to long speaker cables is that you can use balanced cables for the interconnect. Though I don't think that XLR helps a lot in short lengths, it does in long ones since most interf...