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Paradigm Studio 60 v5 somewhat boomy
Were these new when you boughþ them? If so, the break in process may be a factor. Based on what I've heard from others, expect about 100 to 200 hours of use to be needed for break in. 
Best speakers for about $2000 a pair
Salk most certainly. Also Triangles are super. Look for the Celius which can be had for about 1200 used. The new floor stander is is Antal which sounds the same. Sam Tellig gave them a great write up several years ago in Stereophile. 
Other than music, why are you an audiophile?
And I'd just end buying a second Porsche but for this hobby. 
Other than music, why are you an audiophile?
Not for the women. It is interesting to spend Sat afternoons at audio stores with guys who used to be in the Audio Video squad in high school. 
Paradigm Studio 60 v5 somewhat boomy
Try putting the speakers on pads. I use Aurelex speaker stands. The rise about 1-1/2 inch off of the floor and are great to reduce any bass reverb/boominess. It also goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) to move the speakers away from the... 
Vpi turntable set-up
Have to make sure you don't have too much wow, but just enough flutter. 
Windows Media Player
Try Roxio software. Works well, better than WMP.