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help with speakers that rock, pleeze
The Emerald Physic speakers might be worth checking out. Also VRMS (or VMRS, I forget) rock but are kind of fiddly in terms of set up. The EPs are easy to set up. I know Klipsch is a classic for rock. Finally, some BW models might do the trick. I ... 
vinyl cleaning with wood
How dirty are these records that one or all of the standard means don't work? I'm not a vinylista but it seems like a series of potential Faustian Bargains. 
Why did I get married?
I did the headphone routes. I got a very nice paid and a vCan headphone amp. Know what? I think of the electric bill savings as I can run this without my amp (tubed) being on. You need your own enclosed room. 
What's the farthest you've traveled for live music
Maine to London to see Van Morrison on St.Patricks Day. 
Triangle sound-signature category. Which brands?
Just a note that from my experience (at least), they require lots and lots of break-in. My brand new Triangles sounded flat for the first 100 hrs or so and improved further for several months after that. 
deciding between shanling cd3000 and cambridge 840
The top of the line NAD is absolutely superb. I think you can find it easily for $599. Blows away any Cambridge product I've heard. The Shanling is a step up again. I've seen it for $995 and it's generally availabvle for $12-1300. 
Jolida Fx10
Has the highest WAF of any of my many components. 
changing from rotel and peach to plinius 8100?
Switching from Rotel to anything is almost always an upgrade. Enjoy. 
Nordost Pulsar Point for a DAC?
Let the group know if you can hear a difference. I could not hear any on a variety of stands on my amps or other items other than my CDP. 
Nordost Pulsar Point for a DAC?
No. No moving parts. Even if it is theoretically possible that some minyte aspect of performance MIGHT be affected, this falls into the snake oil category as used with a Dac. 
Subwoofer reccomendations for B&W 805S?
I heard the Paradigm Sub One. I was amazed at the clarity and slam. I liked it a heck of a lot better than the REL. I think it is more expensive however, but both are in the rarified air. 
Granite under wood for better isolation?
Where do you live? Under the El? How much rumble can there be? 
Speakers that disappear
A few years back, I had speakers that disappeared. I came home one night to find that the speakers, the amp, the pre-amp and the CD player all disappeared. 
Jolida Fx10
I have one. Amazing sound other than, say, below 60Hz where it kind of flattens out a bit, and it looks absolutely stunning. I would think a tube upgrade would take it up even another notch. 
Shanling CD 3000 or Cary??
I also bought the CD3000 from Underwood. He offers mini mod, Mod 1 and Mod 2 levels. I have the Mod 1 and it is remarkable Tremendous clarity and resolution and it is built like a tank. I also like the top loading aspect to this.