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Best Audio Related Story (or joke).
How many Teamsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 12. Have a problem with that?How many Kennedys does it take to screw in a lightbulb>? 3. One to hold the lightbulb and two to drink to make the room spin.How many feminists does it take t... 
Best speakers for about $2000 a pair
Heard a pair of VMPS 626's. About $1200. Tremendous imaging. Easy to drive and would be terrific with a decent tubed amp. 
Newbie Help with Speaker Choices
I just heard some terrific speakers that might be suitable. They are bigger than monitors and smaller than floor standers. VMPS 626. Check out the reviews. 
Van Halen or Van Hagar
I would add votes for Van Morrison and Dick Van Dyke. 
before/after cryo reviews?
Never heard any change. Nor have I heard changes from elevating wires or elevating my amp on risers. Maybe my ears are shot (they are). 
Best driving music.
Nine Inch Nails live or Jane's Addiction's Ritual de lo Habitual cd. 
NAD C565bee/Rega Apollo vs. DAC MHDT Paradisea 3
Both the NAD and REGA are outstanding. Not sure how much, if anything, will be gained by putting a DAC in. The Rega prides itself on a pure Redbook playback. 
Amp to power Triangle Luna speaker
Let us know. I paid 2100 for a demo two years ago, so you got a deal. 
Share thoughts on Keith Jarrett
He was out of the business for a while so he's making a comeback of sorts. I understand he was ill for a while but is better. 
Cambridge Audio 840C
LOL. Read the somewhat mixed review of this in Stereophile a few months back. 
Best Song Intro
Long double guitar into to Sweet Jane on the Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal live album. 
Amp to power Triangle Luna speaker
I also have a JoLida. Very different obviously. In my view, you will really like the Unison. It's built like a tank. Underwood HiFi sells modified versions (mine's not modified) and Audiowaves is selling them somewhat discounted. I paid $2100 for ... 
Amp to power Triangle Luna speaker
The Primalunas would sound terrific as would Rogue or Cary's. 
Opinions re Wyred4Sound integrateds?
Stereotimes' website today has a review that may be of interest. 
Amp to power Triangle Luna speaker
I have a similar Triangle and use a Unico Secondo which can be had for perhaps just under $2K. Tubed preamp section and a 140 watt solid state amp section -- lovely sound.