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Hemp Drivers, musicians lov'em, audiophiles?
Favorite are Hemp model 420s 
What's your profession? Age?
defrocked priest 
Good Sounding Speaker that Won't Attract Thieves?
Anything that ways over 200 lbs. 
Miles Davis - Time After Time
It is a great album as is Tutu done around the same period. I do think the CD quality of both leaves a lot to be desired. Many of the Miles remasters are quite good (Porgy & Bess and KOB, for example), but these two don't sound as good as they... 
Hemp Drivers, musicians lov'em, audiophiles?
They are a perfect match for reggae 
Triangle speakers not for rock?
I biwire mine and they sound great. I just bought a bunch of remastered cds and they have terrific detail and lush decay. (They were cds by the Pretenders, Peter G, Eno, Bowie and Lou Reed. My Radiohead and Janes Addiction likewise sound great. 
Hemp Drivers, musicians lov'em, audiophiles?
Are they endorsing the speakers or other items chemically similar to hemp? Perhaps they're a bit ... confused? 
Windows Media Player
Nope. Enjoy. 
affordable DAC for rock/metal
Don't know if it's within your range or not, but this is certainly a stellar review of the Bryson DAC: 
Gallo 3.1's and amps?
You are right. He does sell some tubed gear, but most of his sales are solid state stuff. I wasn't nuts about the 3.1s, but I was told that they weren't well broken in. I can't fathom why the dealer would audition speakers that take some decent am... 
Gallo 3.1's and amps?
I looked at these and was told by the dealer that one needs SS to make these sing. There is an article somewhere on one of the major audio sites discussing the tube v. solid state issue with these. 
Shunyata Hydra Vibration Isolation ???
Cork board -- not less than an inch. 
Revel Ultima Gem 2's paired with 2 JL F112's
How does it sound? To you. That's all that matters. 
$300 for older Rotel/Outlaw or do something else?
Outlaw over Rotel by a margin. Not even close in my opinion. 
affordable DAC for rock/metal
Are there some DACs that sound better for Jazz, Classical, books on "tape," or Folk? Isn't the most accurate always the best?