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Aquafina for record cleaning
Wouldn't distilled water theoretically work better and be a lot cheaper? $2 for a gallon instead of $1.50 for 12 ounces? 
New amp being touted as among the best ever......
Perhaps the cost is a function of their office being located on Place Vendôme in Paris. Kind of expensive real estate for an audio company, no? There may be higher rent areas of Paris, but not many. 
New amp being touted as among the best ever......
Has anyone looked up the patent application (try the EPO) to see if there is anything to it? Perhaps next we will see a hybrid of classes A and T power amplification systems or perhaps AB and T over ICE. 
Have you heard of EMOTIVA?
It's fine. What did you think. 
Best SACD's
Another vote for Avalon. I'm a Roxy Music fan and think it's their least interesting album but sonically it is outstanding. 
Volent VL-2, Hyperion 968 or Acoustic Zen Adagio
Would love to hear the Hyperion. They seemingly have no dealers. I know they are made in Red China, so they are less expensive given that labor costs are almost non existent so perhaps a deal can be had. 
Windham Hill an audiophile label?
Their records are good cures for insomnia. I recall they used to feature the musician who'd use whale cries in his records. zzzzzzzzz 
Exactly how does CD ripping work?
Be careful opening that link at work. There were some funky ads on the page. 
Should I buy the Harmonix footers for $2000.00?
Why not use an Aurelex riser? Worst case scenario, they work and you've saved $1950.00. If they do, donate $100 to the earthquake relief fund or another charity and pocket the rest. Not sure how or why the more expensive product will work any better. 
Auralex SubDude HD - Subwoofer Isolation Platform
Yes. Works great and also protects floors and the sub. Inexpensive as far as tweaks go. 
Good Sounding Speaker that Won't Attract Thieves?
RELYour idea as to signage is a good one, but it assumes most crack addicts can read. 
Good speakers for a small room?
Also heard a very amazing speaker last week. VMPS's smallest speaker is the 626. It is bigger than a typical bookshelf but smaller than most floor standers. Very efficient. Uses a cone woofer but ribbons otherwise. Lush sound stage. Cost is less t... 
Good speakers for a small room?
What price range? Operas or Triangles would sound great. The Duettos by Triangles are about 5K but wonderful and their entry line products are wonderful although bass shy (something your sub can fix!). 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Wayne Newton's greatest hits 
Your First Concert was.....
Adam Ant and Gary Glitter (for real).