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"We'll See A Psychiatrist" by Skafish. Or, ANYTHING by Skafish... 
VPI Scout upgades?
The Townshend Platform really works great, I use it under my EMT and the improvement over anything else I've tried is not subtle at all. Kinda like a poor man's Minus K.. 
Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
All of Dan's amps sound great. After all, he uses the FINEST QUALITY PARTS. 
What do we hear when we change the direction of a wire?
Far more important than cable directionality is cable channel. Once interconnects or speaker cables are burned in, there is a definite bias and significant difference between right or left channels. For example, if speaker cables were burned in by... 
Looking for a turntable around $1k...
Rega Planar 3Ortofon 2M Red3mm Rega spacerClose to 1k all in 
Infinity EMIT Speaker Repair
Bob Douglas used to repair EMITs, not sure if he still does 
Preamp making loud pitched morse code sound
Ask St.Ex. if you can borrow a different phono amp-any ss phono amp- just to see what happens. I had three clients in Brooklyn with almost identical rfi problems in their tube phono amp-they all lived in Brighton Beach- and it only happened in win... 
Foil damping tape as a tonearm tube wrap?
Ay, chihuahua ! 
Arche Headshell and Technics 1200G
I am also using the arche headshell on the 1200G, with the very low compliance London Reference cart.Aside from the convenience of easy overhang, SRA and azimuth adjustment, the weight (17.5g) and damping ability of the arche (and tighter fit into... 
How tight do you tighten a record clamp
bpoletti's instructions are correct. Indeed, Oracle use to teach this method to it's dealers. 
TNT Hot Rod vs SL-1200G
You might as well buy the TNT, the seller needs the money to buy the SL1200G and an arche headshell.... 
VPI SDS/ADS PSU with Rega Turntable?
I use the Phoenix Falcon/Roadrunner combo with the Rega 24v motor on a custom diy ’table, works great. Far better then the VPI units. Just make sure you have enough clearance between the platter and plinth for the sensor and magnet. I do wish Phoe...