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i just bought a nice pair of Piega C10 Ltds
Can you describe the soundstage these present. Most importantly how wide is the sweet spot and at how far up from the floor is the soundstage.My biggest complaint of my current Speakers is that I feel like Iam sitting in a balconay looking down at... 
Piega C10 Limited, Anyone Know About These Spkrs?
Does Piega have a USA Importer at this time? Audigons MFG list does not show any at this time. I guess this would only be a problem if service or parts were needed. I suppose direct contact could be made with Piega for parts etc. Personaly no curr... 
Anyone hear the Von Schweikert DB-99?
Can someone tell me if the DB99 come with grill covers? I read in another thread they did not come with grills but looking at the picture Bornie posted his have grill covers. Is this an option or do all DB99 now come with the covers? 
6 Moons Reviews Zu Cable Definition Speaker
Zu offers a 60 day satisfaction guarantee with 30days more on request. How many manufactures do this? If they not your cup of tea send them back. 
Anyone heard Zu Druid speakers?
Dolphin, The Definitions are listed for a June July review on 6 moons. 
Can Piega P10's Be Placed Up Against The Wall?
I have a pair of NHT3.3 these were designed to be against the front wall. I have them set with 6 inches between the wall and back of speaker.I considered getting a pair of P10 about a year ago. I emailed the MFG. and if I remember they said 9 inch... 
Review: Hyperion HPS-938 has a sneek peak look at the 938 with full review to follow by Srajan Ebaen. 
Duty free or not?
Thanks for all the answers.I went to Bax Global and did a quote request. they list shipping fees and service charges seperatly and total charges. I assume that there are no hidden charges. Thanks again Gary 
I would be interested in your thoughts and comparisons as to the sound of this CDP. Also any problems reading cd's? 
NHT 3.3 or Mirage M1Si?
I have owned a pair of 3.3 for 8 years never had a problem at all with them. Every time I upgrade front end componets these speakers sound better Loose covered there sound and you have read the reviews. I have been considering replacement speakers... 
Anyone own or listened to the Lector CDP-Seven.
Thanks for your insights Jrwr7 and Alma. I called and talked to Victor Goldstien today.He answered all my questions . He also said if I decide to order a unit there would be a wait. Not sure how long? Hope to here more good things about this playe... 
Anyone own or listened to the Lector CDP-Seven.
I called the importer on tuesday.The person I spoke to said that January 04 was when they started to cary the Lector line and at present had a dealer in California. Since I live in Washington this did me no good.He also was unable to answer some o... 
Coincident Total Victory owners
I have been interested in the TV. But the one thing I have a problem with is that they do not come with grill covers. Seems like a small thing to ask for. Without them the W.A.F. Is out the door. As good looking as they are when not in use they co... 
Piega P-8 Limited owners comments
Thanks Gary For your insights.Before my post I did not know piega was introducing new models But now I realize there are none to audition in my area.If I want a pair I must buy without a listen. Not sure if I can do that or not? Anyway could you e...