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Just took delivery of the Red Wine Audio 30.2 and-
I agree great insights. Now that you are looking at speakers the Devore Silverbacks should be considered . 
Battery powered amps
Hchi could you tell me who TRL is and how to contact them? Thanks 
Essentialaudio When you say updated what do you mean ? I thought this was a new release is it a sofware upgrade? 
NHT3.3 to Viena Acoustic Mahlers
Thanks all for your input. Loki1957 at one time I had a Nak. Pa5 amp and that did make the tweeters very hard but the Bat solved that . Jmcgrogan2 I do love the Bat gear. 
NHT3.3 to Viena Acoustic Mahlers
My system is all Bat -VK40 Pre -VKD5SE player- V/200 amp.I listen to all types of music . My room is 18x 32. Looking for Tighter faster lows deeper sound stage presented at mid hall presentation, My sound stage is not as high as I would like. My w... 
Speaker Tilt Back benefits?
Slaw3.I have a pair of NHT3.3 speakers which I have had for eight years.My biggest complaint regarding these was I always felt the soundstage to be to low in height .A year ago I put long screws thru my front supports into my spikes. Then I experi... 
The basics of PC audio
Audioengr I have been reading all posts I can find on usb dac an such to get informed.I see the Belkin wireless usb mentioned but I can not locate them on the net? Please tell me how to contact them thanks Gary 
Anyone useing a Burden Bobcat Dac?
I now see that I spelled BURWEN wrong sorry. 
Anyone useing a Burden Bobcat Dac?
Alabamasales I have a 2 channel system and I would like to try a computer based supplement to my current digital front end. I was hopeing to use a Mac computer based system with a USB DAC and integrate that in my current system.I am not very compu... 
Best cd player under 1K used
Sonic Frontiers SFCD1. I have had mine for 8 years and even after buying a Bat 5DSE player I have not had the heart to sell. Not as good as the BAT but for the money Darn close. 
Wher did the DB99 go ?
Thanks for the insights. I have been considering the DB99 or ZU Defination I've been leaning towards the Defination because of their return policy but was also hopeful I could get a listen to the DB99 at the up coming RMAF. But now thats not going... 
Acoustic Zen Adagio, How Good Are They?
Anthuan.In the June/July issue of The Absolute Sound Sallie reynolds has a review of the Adagio. She says these speakers are so good they're difficult to write about. Her only minor pick is they don't do 16hz but only because there not sopposed to... 
NHT 3.3s -- too big for my room?
I have owned the 3.3 for the past 8 years and at present Iam using a bat VK200 amp.This is a 100 watt amp and is more than enough to drive these speakers. My room is 15' by 18 'but the back wall has an 8' opening into my kitchen area. Are they to ... 
B&W 805 with MK-350thx sub, or B&W 802
Can someone tell me how the audiogon blue book works? I sold a pre amp on audiogon for $250 les than what it was advertised for. My point being how does audiogon really know what it was sold for? Or is their blue book based on a depreacion table l... 
i just bought a nice pair of Piega C10 Ltds
Hantrax Thanks for your reply. My speakers are NHT 3.3 I do not consider the sound stage miniture. Ther is good width and depth also the sweet spot is large enough for two people. BUT I STILL see the soand stage as if I am looking at a downward an...