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Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
Classe Cam 350's mono's - simply superb. 
best pre-amp new or used for under $500?
Audible Illusions.... 
Audio aero capitole mk2 need help repairing
Audio Aero repair is out of Sedona, AZ last time I checked. They did a repair / upgrade on my Audio Aero Prima DAC. Easy to work with and fast turn around. Hope that helps. 
Signal vs. Audio Art vs. Speltz Anti? Need help...
I auditioned the Art Audio IC 3 against a similar constructed Wireworld Silver Eclipse 5 that cost $800 a meter ( system was Classe Cam Mono 350's, Audio Research LS 25mkII, Audio Aero Prima Tube DAC, CEC TL2, and Audio Physic Libra speakers). The... 
Audio Aero Prima
I owned the AA Prima DAC ( the last one imported to the USA). I found it incredibly musical and resolving. The preamp section was "just okay" compared to my ARC LS 25mkII ( the ARC had bass and dynamics). 
Electrocompaniet ECD1 vs Burson Audio HA- 160D
I had a ECD 1 for awhile and it is a superb sounding dac at that price point. It to a Audio Aero Prima tubed DAC to replace it at 2.5 x's the price. Hope that helps.Mike 
CJ MF 2500A:is it gonna open up?
give it 2-3 months.. in the meantime - have a glass of wine and relax. 
Recommendation of a good nearfield speaker
audio physics 
Good SS Amp for Vandies 2 Ce
vandies are designed around arc(tube) and pse(solid state). it is too bad pse isnt making amps anymore.i would suggest herron, belles. 
Does impedance matter?
yes it does...i have two pair of current hungry speakers that rotate in and out of my system (both are nominal 4 ohm loads)- martin logan clsii- audio physic libra's (amazing when set up correctly)it takes some serious current capability amps to g... 
CDP DAC advice
would suggest the electrocompient dac- very muscial 
And the "Best" Dynaudio monitor is...?
special 25's.... 
Does power conditioning really matter?
a decent quality power cable on the plasma makes a big difference imo. 
Adding a Rotel RMB-1075
if you dont mind buying used - the multichannel classe cav150 should do the trick and are a absolute bargain on the used market. 
Adding a Rotel RMB-1075
how about using your current unit as a pre-amp and adding a large 5 channel amp / mono blocks ?you can never have too much clean power on hand - it adds a certain amount of ease and authority to the music. what blows a speaker driver is when it re...