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What tubes are in you Rogue RP-5?
My friend Jim put a set of Mazda tubes in his RP-5 for a big improvement over stock tubes and also over current production tubes such as Gold Lion and Mullard (the Mullards were better than the Gold Lions in this case). The rear pair of tubes have... 
Rogue Rap-1 to RP-5
I can't answer the exact question but, a friend went from a Rogue Perseus to the RP-5. It was a big improvement all around and the Perseus can perform well in the right situation.The Perseus lacks a standby mode so, it took a few hours (like 5 or ... 
Tube buffer in tape loop@
Maybe instead of the buffer, you should try a Schiit Audio Loki. A friend put one between his Jolida cd player and Rogue RP-5 tube preamp. Now it is possible to tolerate listening to the Stones Let it Bleed album. 
Adding "Internet radio" to home system
I have a Grace GDI-IRTP800 component internet radio tuner. It works on Wi-Fi or LAN line. It outputs RCA analog or digital. No longer made but, is available used on eBay. Internet radio sound quality is variable. I'm running coax digital into a Lu... 
Bookshelf speakers that project voices well
Thanks everyone for your input. One option speaker wise that fits in with the LS3/5A line of thought is the Kef LS50. What HI-FI liked it with the Arcam.The question about budget - max of $1000.I'm gonna take a hard look at the ZVOX. 
Can hardware change speaker phasing over time??
This may be completely unrelated and I know nothing about electronics but, I was an air conditioning tech for 40+ years. There is a weird thing that can happen on 480 volt ac units, if the capacitor for the outdoor fan motor goes bad, the fan will... 
Focal vs dynaudio
I replaced the Dynaudio Contour 60 with the Focal Sopra 2. Gave up a higher level of technical performance and analytical sound for a much greater level of musical performance and pure pleasure (yes, I already know that the analytical purists an... 
REGA Turntable Planar 2: Glass Platter question
A friend has a P3 with a Herbie's Audio Way Excellent II Turntable Mat. It is a distinct improvement over the felt mat. This is going the opposite direction from using no mat. 
Impedance switches on a Jolida JD 9II
Perhaps this is addressed in the Audiokarma thread, but the capacitance can also be set to zero by setting all the pf switches to off. If you had a cart rated at 100 pf, it might sound best with the setting at zero. 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
Take a look at Salamander Designs products. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Here's some European stuff that likely will be too far out of the mainstream for most Audiogoner's.L'ensemble Raye - meme en hiverL'ensemble Raye - Quelques pieces detacheesBegnagrad - Konzert for a broken dancePangea - Paxarinoand for the fans ... 
AC outlets
Another thing to consider is if you will like any kind of plating on your outlets (or cord ends for that matter). My preference is for the Maestro which has no plating. To my ear it is more natural sounding than any type of plated outlet that I ha... 
Upgrade cartridge or something else?
First, thanks to everyone who actually stayed on topic.Next, just a reminder that the table in question is a friend's table, not mine.I appreciate those who have been able to respond with simple answers to a simple question instead of wanting to g... 
Upgrade cartridge or something else?
I want to add a little clarity to the "something else" question. What I was after is, where is the smarter expenditure? Should he upgrade the cart or  do something else to this turntable or move up to a higher level table?  
Jolida JD-9 phono pre-amp dip switch settings
Sorry, I misstated the idea. After re-reading the info for my Chinook pre, their example takes a cart spec'ed at 150pf and subtracts the cable rating, say, 90pf resulting in 60pf. So the start point in the example would be either 47pf or 100pf in ...