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Great cd players that can connect directly to a power amp?
Linn Genki can connect directly to power amp. 
Homemade floor protectors -- advice needed
Linn makes floor protectors called "skeets", they are heavy metal discs with holes in the middle for spikes. They slide easily when you need them to, without scratching. 
Best smaller than bookshelf speakers?
B&W leisure monitors, they have built-in brackets and they are weatherproof. 
best bookshelf speaker for a Naim system
Adam, Linn speakers go well with Naim equipment. The current bookshelf is is the Katan. Linn Tukans are the previous model if you can find them, (no longer in production). Dan 
Speaker Hum Question
Andrew, I would have to say it is likely a grounding problem. I was getting a hum from my amp, even though I installed a dedicated line. Turned out to be my front porch light was not grounded, changed the fixture, made sure it was grounded, proble... 
Speakers for Near Wall Placement
I agree with Jch96, Linn speakers are designed to be used close to rear wall. Also check Mission, I believe most of their designs are for wall placement. 
Important Info for Meadowlark Owners
Kitch, I have owned Meadowlark Kestral Hotrods for about 3 months now. I am still having a hard time getting used to them, the highs on some recordings seem to be muffled, it's as though a blanket were over them. They otherwise sound great. I have... 
Decent preamp WITH tone controls
If you like the Sonographe pre-amp, Musical Fidelity makes an add on tone box. Check with Audio Advisor. Also check the Linn Kolector and the NAD C-160, both are quality products with tone controls, in your price range. 
Best Cool Jazz Record
I would have to agree, "Kind of Blue" is the best cool jazz record of all time, however John Coltrane "Ballads" runs a close second. 
Best Cool Jazz Record
I would have to agree, "Kind of Blue" is the best cool jazz record of all time, however Jonn Coltane "Ballads" runs a close second. 
Comments on Rega Planet 2000 CDP??
Creek CD43mk2 is one box solution in your price range. I have owned mine for about 3 weeks now. It is one fine, smooth performer, makes me want to listen to CD instead of LP. Auditioned Rega 2000, also very good, build seems too plastic, styling i...