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Harbeth C7 vs Proac D25 Review
My Response 2.5's sing very well in my smallish 20m² room. I suppose the D38's would be too much in these conditions??(amplification is Audio Reseach VSi55) 
Harbeth C7 vs Proac D25 Review
Thanks a lot for your useful reply!Daedalus are unknwown over here. Glad you're happy with them.But there might be another ProAc-alternative coming up : they've just released a RESPONSE D28, taking over the "bass -system" of the D38's, albeit in a... 
Harbeth C7 vs Proac D25 Review
Dear Dodgealum,one and a half year later, any new findings on the ProAc Response D25? As an owner of a pair of Response 2.5's, I always thought of the D25 as a natural upgrade-path for me (as soon as funds would allow...)Greetings from Belgium,Alain 
The Chord Co.
I currently use a Chord Company Odyssey biwire speaker cable. In general Chord cables are great value because they have no specific character of their own. They're just good/very good at everything they're thrown at, surely when you take their pri... 
Diapason Adamantes II and III good speakers or no
Hello Jayctoy,just read your thread today. I too bought a pair of used Adamantes II three weeks ago. Really beautiful build quality, but more important : they sound absolutely gorgeous, very spacious, free of grain and the lows are very good in my...