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New Project RS2T transport
I’ve had the unit for 4 months now and it has been completely reliable. I do use an LTA LPS with it. Sounds great. Very happy. Was coming from a Bel Canto CD3T, which had numerous issues.   
Manley 300B preamp
Musicophile,Sorry for the delay in my response. I did not have to do any bias change to the tubes. They work great in the preamplifier-very under stressed. 
Manley 300B preamp
I've retubed my Manley preamp to be synergistic with the retubed Manley 250 amps running Maggie 20.1. I realized early on that I could make some significant changes in the sound and found a match that works for me. The amps are running:SED EL34, G... 
My New Manely Steelhead
I also concur that you should be able to tailor the sound to your liking with this unit. I also found the Tung Sol 5687 or the Raytheon 5687 the best tubes for that slot. I'm running pinched waists in the 6922 slot and have stopped looking there, ... 
Tube-amp for Magnepan?
I also run Manley mono 250s with my 20.1s. Using SED Winged C EL34s, Marconi-Osram A2900s and RCA black longplate 12BH7s. Don't have any trouble with bass extension and with my tube preamp have been able to dial in a just-the-other-side-of-neutral... 
Magnepan & Manley
I thought there would be some responses to this. I have been using the 250s with my 20.1s. I auditioned Bryston 7B monos (not the 28s)and the AYre MX-R. Given what I wanted out of a system, the Manleys made the grade. The Brystons were very good, ... 
Want to Blow Up My Stereo
Tvad,Couldn't the EVS attenuators be used to balance the output of two different amps in a biamp arrangement. My thought would be to use them on the bass amps with SS to balance my tubes on the mid/tweet. Cost effective? 
What component should be on a walnut board?
The SOTA should not need a separate platform since it is a suspended and isolated design. This would be the last piece I would test. 
Manley Neo 250s and Maggies
Xagwell,Which 6CA7 did you get?Biased at 550ma?Bruce 
Manley Neo 250s and Maggies
Hey Xagwell,What difference do you hear with the 6CA7s? SO far I have not had any tube issues with mine. 
PS Audio Digital Link III vs. Bel Canto DAC-2
I would suggest that the Cullen modified PS Audio was slighty better than the Bel Canto unit in my system (Maggie 20.1, tube pre and amps). I listened to both and purchased the Cullen (stage 4). I liked what I perceived to be a smoother mid range ... 
Manley Neo 250s and Maggies
I have just recently purchased 20.1s and after auditioning a number of ss amps (bryston, krell, bel canto) I just bought the neo 250s. Couldn't get over the soundstage, depth, midrange and bloom the music had. Is it the perfect amp? Absolutely not...