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New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
@Acurus, thx for your analysis. Interested to follow your T2 vs G2 analysis.  
Novice Question: Dedicated Streamers
My practical experience adding to the above: 8 years ago I ripped all my CDs and started streaming them from iTunes. Shortly after I discovered Spotify and stopped streaming my own CDs and did Spotify instead as Spotify also provided access to all... 
Power cord recommendation for a dac?
On a side note:  I recently purchased a 40$ Ethernet cable from Swedish Jenving (Supra). I bought it just for fun and was expecting snake oil. Much to my surprise the difference was very audible from the first second. Much clearer and a bit louder.  
New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
Just to clarify: one does not need a PC to use Roon. I have a Roon Ready streamer/server from Innous and Roon is installed there and works in principle like a Roon Nucleus. The Innuos has a drive, which I use for the few songs I cannot find on Tid... 
Streamer choices
Agree on first leaving Spotify. I am on Tidal using Roon through Innuos and into DAC. My set up works well.  
which network streamer without DAC?
I am having the Zen Mini together with RME ADI-2 DAC. Works very well. I use the Zen almost entirely for streaming, but I have a few albums on the disk that are not available on Tidal. Only complaint is that it is a little slow in starting up. May... 
Who needs a tuner?
awesome. thanks for sharing 
USB-cable: In between Neo Oyaide d+ and Tellurium Q Silver? 150 - 200 range?
@ghosthouse It is the S that I bought. Most of the recommended ones are in the 500 $ range. It seems a bit too much, when I bought the DAC for a 1000 Euro :-( 
Where do cables upgrades have the most impact?
A few good question. My two cents: Years ago I borrowed some superior speaker cables and were blown away by the impact. They really improved the SQ.A few months ago I purchased a new music server (Innuos) and borrowed a TELLURIUM Q SILVER USB cabl... 
Play music from laptop over WiFi to existing audio system: how?
From my experience you have two routes depending of what it is you want to achieve. If you really mean that you want to play from your laptop to your hifi using wifi then products like Apple Airport can do the job. That is where I started. However... 
DAC choice
lot's of threads on the subject. If you search me, you will find info. That drilled down to- Mytek- RME Adi-2, which I bought- Chord Qutest- Project S2 
DAB+ radio for the wifey?
@tls49  LOL. Yep, it is actually a good idea. 
What makes a speaker sound great at low volume?
Many thanks for a lot of inspiring input. I have enjoyed reading the responses including the recommendations for other ways to improve SQ than replacing speakers.My selected take-away for now is- go for high sensitive speaker (above 92 DB)        ... 
DAC around 1.000 Euro for streaming environment
Thanks @davide256  @dbq5anlxj , I have not done anything yet, but my intend is to buy the Chord Qutest. I seems to be the good fit, a good product and has Roon, etc, etc.  
DAC around 1.000 Euro for streaming environment
Thanks ejr1853 and kalali. I will look at the Brooklyn. I also have taken the Chord Qutest high on my list.