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Tone arm upgrade
For that budget you can get a used Graham, which will beat most anything in that price range. 
Power Cord with a 20 amp female and 15 amp male ?
Transparent will do this as well. 
Hum in phono that comes and goes
Al, I think you might be on to something. I know one of the traces in the phono had previously come loose and I had just soldered it back in place when I replaced the caps. I've been suspicious of that connection in particular. Maybe I got too muc... 
Hum in phono that comes and goes
Again, it doesn't act like ground loop or faulty ground hum. Since touching the tonearm repeatedly will cause it to diminish gradually until it's gone. It's like something is getting charged up sitting, and releases when you touch the arm, or the ... 
Hum in phono that comes and goes
I have checked the grounds, but I don't think that is what it is. I would think that a faulty ground would hum all the time, which this does not. 
How much does your system retail for?
RETAIL would be slightly over $120K, but I buy mostly used and have built the system over a 40+ year period, usually not spending more than $1-2K per year. There have been some exceptions, but there have also been years when I did not buy anything... 
Buy Mono vs. Stereo LPs for Stereo Rig
Be sure NOT to play stereo LP's with a MONO cartridge. It will damage the LP. Playing mono LP's with a stereo cartridge is not a problem, damage wise.As to the OP question, there is no definite answer. The original mono recording in theory should ... 
Barnes & Noble and vinyl LP's
Checked yesterday at my local B&N and they have them here, and I'm in a small town. Not a big selection, but a good selection at reasonable prices.I'm glad to find another source other than online. 
What's with the buyers these days??
Essential, that's exactly what I do. Ask them what they have in mind, or suggest that they just make an offer and see where it goes. Most of these people though never respond in anyway at all after their "how low" question. 
What's with the buyers these days??
A lot of sellers aren't much better. I've sent questions, and made offers to several Sellers lately and received absolutely no response. You would think if the ad is still up that they would at least respond if the item is sold.I think the WORST q... 
Krell FPB-600 or FPB-700cx - RCA vs. XLR Input
Usually the capacitors. But other things can happen. Capacitor age and eventually fail.Good listening,Mike 
Amp and preamp on same outlet?
Jea and Jmcgrogan, I thought you two already knew that you can't teach a pig to sing, and I'm certainly not going to try. I think my post explained everything pretty clearly. If you already know it can't make a difference, then I guess it certainl... 
Amp and preamp on same outlet?
And to the OP, having your equipment on separate dedicated lines does improve the overall sound quality of your system. That is why ARC recommends it.This does not mean that your system cannot sound good on a single outlet, just that it would soun... 
Amp and preamp on same outlet?
I have come late to this party, and I didn't read every single post, so forgive me if I missed something important to the discussion.First off, Krell IS NOT recommending that you simply replace your 15A breaker with a 30A breaker. What they do rec... 
Do I keep the Oracle Delphi IV/V?
Hi Oldears,I'm currently using a Phantom on my Oracle without any problem.Best,Mike