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Modwright Transporter VS Opera Droplet 5.0 CDP.
Touch is a streaming device which needs external DAC (for quality playback) to process the digital files from your PC..All you need is a DAC with balance out if that is what you had in mind.MariuszP.SI believe that it has been already released in ... 
Modwright Transporter VS Opera Droplet 5.0 CDP.
I see.In that case ..... Droplet 5.0 looks like very interesting piece.Droplet I own (almost 2yo) works/sounds great and it would be hard to get rid of. For what you have in mind, I have two HPA Red Wine Audio Isabella DACs on order (should be fin... 
Modwright Transporter VS Opera Droplet 5.0 CDP.
Droplet 3.1 yes, but 5.0 doesn't have digital or usb ins. As far as the info on their website goes. 
Best Headphones & Amp---Opinions Please
I've ordered two Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA head amp.It is pricey but has features worth considering.Here is why:- runs on batteries which power charges are monitored and optimized by custom SMART module. - NOS DAC with USB-in for computer file... 
Majik Buss - Power Correction/EMI/RFI Filter
Dmccombs - nice right up.Using the Buss for few weeks now.I originally sign up for free in home demo with skeptical but intrigued feeling.My impressions are very similar to yours and there is very little to add other then that Majik Buss also grea... 
DACs with volume control ?
RWA nos usb dac with head amp.Comes with remote control as well. 
battery powered with 'vivid' sound
ShazamGood things come to those who wait.............;)If you can wait few more will reveal itself and won't hurt your pocket. Mariusz 
Good $250 Power Cord
>>Highly recommend Shyunyata Copperhead (used for $210-$240 or so, versus new for $500). Outstanding cable that I found blows away anything else in its price range, or a much higher price range.<<Blows away anything ahhh. That is prett... 
amplifier choice
"currently using a Red Wine Audio 30.2 which is only 30 watts and feel i need a bit more power. can anyone offer suggestions."Panu21I find your statement quite strange.No offense, but I have used Omega Alnico Super 8s with RWA 30.2 (30wpc) amp and... 
after market battery power for DAC
Why not go for the battery dac like Isabellina DAC or Altmann Attraction DAC?Mariusz 
after market battery power for DAC
I'll 2nd RWA recommendation. Vinnie is coming out with battery power supply for variety of components, including phonostages, Sonos, squeezeboxes,iWadia etc. (+12V, +24V, +-12V and custom work as well).Good luckMariusz 
battery powered stage - replacing PS Audio
Please give Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio a call.He will be able to build battery power supply for your phonostage ........ as long as it is SS not vacuum tubes. 
Tube Amps for Tannoy Churchill
Jadis sounds wonderful with those.Mariusz 
Mac with USB Dac
With RWA Isabellina NOS DAC is very easy to stop & forget about digital source upgrades. It doesn't mean that it is the best ....... I just haven't heard better (at least at that price level).I am using Mac Air with iTouch as a controler &... 
SS phono stage in $2k to $3k range...
The most flexible and accommodating cartridge wise phono-stage I have tried in the past few years was Consonance Reference 40. Yes, Consonance got a LOT of bad rap lately but I for one am very happy, problems free with my Consonance phono-stage, D...