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Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
If you liked that Queen live show you need to watch the Queen set from Live Aid July 1985. They were in Wembley and the US watched them at about noon on Sunday. Best half hour I have ever seen. Freddie was on his game. 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
Sorry... Forgot one more. After meeting Vinny Appice and having a nice long chat with him I would be remiss if I didn't mention. Heaven & Hell - Radio City Music Hall(BTW - BEST Sabbath line up ever) 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
Lynyrd Skynyrd - One more from the roadKiss - Alive IUriah Heep- LIveDeep Purple - Made in JapanHumble Pie - Filmore+1 Allman Bros - Filmore+1 Peter Frampton - Comes Alive 
Magnetic RCA adaptors: Latest snake oil?
unless you are referencing a different Art Dudley article, he noted that the poorer sound was due to his so called friend magnetizing his phono amp with a meter. He was annoyed by  that and couldn't objectively listen to the snake oil devices any ...