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What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers
Audio store speaker? you obviously know little about their 800 series. 
Rega RP3 or Pro-ject Expression III?
The Rega RP3 is an excellent choice in its price range. I just purchased the RP6. It replaced a older modded Rega P25. While the P25 was and still is a very good 'table, the RP6 takes its performance to a whole new level. Inner detail of the mids ... 
Magnepan Service HORRIBLE???
I think speakers are the worst things to ship. The farther the distance, the more handling equals greater potential for damage. I live in the Midwest, had a pair of vintage Advent speakers shipped to me from New York. These speakers were in pristi... 
B&W 803D vs 803Di
James63. Thanks for your input. The 802 series was what I was reffering to. 
Good speakers under 10K.
Legacy would also be a good choice. At your upper price range you could get a new pair of Focus HD's. This is a truly full range speaker with good midrange resolution, smooth non fatiguing highs and extended bass. You can listen to these for hours... 
B&W 803D vs 803Di
I did listen to both. Extensively. Actually several days. I stand by my opinion. 
B&W 803D vs 803Di
Budt. There was nothing wrong with the setup or the speakers in question. Sometimes one persons slight improvement is another ones vast improvement, but hey, you heard what you heard. I respect that. If you look at what B&W did as far as the u... 
B&W 803D vs 803Di
I compared the B&W 802D against the 802 Diamond at a Hi-end dealer. Same room, same electronics, same music and loudness levels. From my experience these two systems sounded almost identical. Scary close IMO. Even the salesperson thought they ... 
B&W 804D vs 803S
Sorry, my mistake. 
B&W 804D vs 803S
No, I'm not a dealer. Just a audiophile who owns B&W and has some experience with the line and a opinion. Yes it would be wise to take your speakers to a dealer and determine for yourself. 
Legacy Studio circa 1990?
Sorry about my spelling, should have edited. 
B&W 804D vs 803S
Without question, the Diamond version 804 is a better choice over the older 803s. The Diamond tweeter has a much smoother response and faster transient speed over the aluminum tweeters. This all translates (IMO) to a more realistic presentation ri... 
Legacy Studio circa 1990?
I have had Legacy speakers during that time period. The Studio version I believe you are looking at have a aluminum dome SEAS tweeter and (I think) a SEAS poly cone woofer. The yellow cone Kevlar version Studios were diffently a improvement in the... 
Any McIntosh C48 owners out there?
Question. Where does the C-45 fit in with these Mac preamps? That is, if it fits in at all. 
B&W 805D2 or Magico Q1?
Missionloonery, wow, you must have sat up all nite thinking up that last post...LOL