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Any expericience with Nordost Valhalla powercord ?
I am using both the Valhalla and the Elrod Statement II. Valhalla is much more transparent and rapid. The Statement brings more bass at the expense of transparency. Statement in on Meitner CDSD, Valhalla on Meitner DCC2 and Tenor 150.I am pleased ... 
I have problem with my Tenor150 - advices welcome
Fppnd, Audiogon is definitely a place where you meet both the best and the worst but the best definitely worth it. Thks again for your time and advices.This being said The Tenor team are very nice persons and i remain confident that they will be a... 
What's your profession? Age?
40, share with my wife passion for wine, food, HIFI and life... IBM sales, MBA