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Egglestonworks Emma Evo
Thanks,Will try againMike 
Egglestonworks Emma Evo
Thanks for the response.That email address doesn't seem to work.MP 
Proac D30RS vs. Spendor Classic 1/2 (or maybe Harbeth SHL5+)?
I have been looking into replacing / upgrading my Spendor SP1 circa 1988.  It has been very daunting finding the right speaker to fill its shoes.  The SP 1 particularly with the right amplifier has a tone that cannot be met.  If you favor the auth... 
Daedolous Muse V2
Will take a look; how would you describe the tonal qualities of your argos? 
Spendor D7, D9 but no love Classic 100?
I recently auditioned the A7.  I have a pair of SP1 at home and found the A7 much more dynamic, but lacking the sweet golden tone of the SP1.  I have found the SP1 very much dependent on amplifiers.  Originally ran it with a Harman Kardan and its ... 
Leben CS 600 and Harbeth vs Audio Note vs ATC vs JM Reynaud
I saw your post.  Interestingly I am trying to upgrade my Spendor SP-1s from 1988.  I heard the A7 but found it a little sparse, though more dynamic than the SP1s.  It did not have the magical mid range.  I would be interested in the Classic 100, ... 
Sonist Concerto 4 Gen 2 Speaker
I just read about the Sonist speakers; they sound too good to be true.  I am looking to update my vintage Spendor SP-1 to use with a Leben tube amplifier.  I am looking for a detailed but warm sound as my room is a bit bright.  Also looking at Spe... 
Sonist Concerto 4
Thanks for the insight.I am going to do a home demo; will let you know how it goes.M 
Audio Doctor goes to Axpona observations so far
Did you wander upon either the PranaFidelity room or Sonist?  Both are mid-priced speakers with good reviews online.  Wonder if you had any direct experience with them.ThanksMP 
Zu audio Soul Supreme vs Prana Fidelity Bhava
Sounds good ( no pun intended).  Have you heard the bhava ?  If so does it have enough bass?ThanksMike 
Zu audio Soul Supreme vs Prana Fidelity Bhava
MI appreciate your comments.  How do you reconcile the Herb Reichert review of the Soul Supreme and the measurements reported?  It would seem to be a bit of a disconnect.M 
Zu Audio Druid MKIV Speaker Review
HI I realize this is an old thread, but it seems to address my current speaker search.  I am thinking of Zu Druids to replace an aging pair of Spendor SP-1.  Will be using Leben amplifier with them.  One dealer suggested that I would miss the sple... 
Spender classic 1/2 vs SP1
So have you heard the Spendor New classic SP 1/2BTW the link you provided is in Chinese? 
Harbeth SHL 5 amplification
Thats very helpful. My listening area is about 20 x 14.  We listen at mainly medium volume to music/ no home theater. I am currently driving a pair of Spendor SP-1 speakers which I believe have similar efficiency to the Harbeth speakers.  The amp ... 
Harbelth HL5plus