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Anyone heard the difference between Cullen Crossover and his new Crossover II?
Have you tried the audio envy power cords?  
Can flexible power cables sound good?
Happen to have just received a Puritan Audio Lab Ultimate Power Cord for home demo and so far its very nice; smooth and good timbre.A bit on the relaxed side, but I suspect it will  open up with time. But great tone so far and flexible to the poin... 
Can flexible power cables sound good?
ZenWave Audio as well 
Anyone tried new VH Audio Air Sine Cable?
Can anyone comment on the timbre of the airsine PC?   
Which of these power cords ?
Have recently tried a variety of power cords including Luna Orange, Audio Art and Triode Wire labs ( still breaking in).  They all are a step up from stock cords.  The Luna is special; very rich and great timbre; but more costly and very stiff cor... 
Tuning my system towards a darker tone
Solution found:I await my TWL digital cord.In the meantime I rotated a Luna Orange Power Cord ( from my amplifier) into my CD player and noted immediate relief; the treble is much better controlled!Hopefully the TWL digital cord will work as well ... 
Tuning my system towards a darker tone
Thanks!I recently ordered aTriode Wire lab cord and await its delivery !Apparently stuck in USPS morass  
Tuning my system towards a darker tone
Good point!Devore 0 93 
Power strips- too many choices
Anyone using PS audio dectet? 
Power strips- too many choices
Any experience with the smaller Furman units? Or the PS audio Dectet? 
Hegel Mohican & Bryston BCD3
Looking for a new CD player to replace vintage Cal Audio Lab CD player.  Looking for a less harsh perhaps a bit warmer sound.  Thinking of the Bryston.  Curious as to how you would describe its "tone"?Thanks 
Luxman D-380
Do you still have it?  Or did you move on to a new piece 
Border Patrol Se-i vs Audio Mirror Troubadour MK III
Which model of the Audio Mirror  do you have? 
Zu Audio
Thanks, will pass it on.Not sure how much he wants to spend.The Raven seem to good to be true. 
Salk Audio Sound
My issue is buying without a demo; can’t find any nearby RI owners.did you sample Devore?m