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Any thoughts on which tubes would add some weight to the music? 
Thanks for all the insight.So what tube type would add some weight or substance to the music? 
Its surprising to hear your collective comments on some of the Tung Sol re-issues and the Genelax.  Makes me wonder if the NOS craze is all hype. 
Tube rolling on Leven CS 600
Hi Pingvin,I appreciate your advice.  But first a question for you.  Are the GL KT 66   "tall " tubes requiring the lid off approach?So my system has evolved a bit since the first posting of this thread.  My Linn is now a Rockna Wave Light DAC and... 
Shout out to the Tube store customer service.
Were you referring to the Tubes-store in Russia? 
Tube rolling on Leven CS 600
Has anyone tried the Gold Lion KT66 in the Leben CS 600? 
Tube based phono stage
These are great suggestions; much appreciated.Has anyone any experience with QuickSilver or the Mod Wright phono stages? 
Server/Source Recommendation For Denafrips Terminator
I recently purchased a Rockna DAC.  I am using it with my Roon Nucleus.  Looking to upgrade the nucleus.  Have been looking at Baetis servers as well as the SGC. The Rockna has the I2S option, but as far as I can tell will only work with the Rockn... 
Researching an "affordable Roon server/streamer, and my choice...
Has anyone heard the Wyred  4 Sound music server? 
Sonic differences between servers
I appreciate all of the feedback ( no pun intended).It seems the deeper you get into digital, the more the marketing takes over and the truth gets lost.I would drop Roon except it irks me to have to drop a "lifetime" subscription.  Another questio... 
Sonic differences between servers
Do the different brands have characteristic sonic signatures? 
Roon Nucleus repairs
Good idea,Thanks 
Audio Art Statement 1 power cables?
Whats your experience moving up the Audio Art line?  I have been toying with upgrading my Triode Wire Digital with some of the higher end Audio Art PC.  I have the AE Power 1E which I think is a bit more "sweeter" than the TWD.  Do the Audio Art P... 
EL 34 tubes
Has anyone tried the Sophia Electric EL 34? 
Voodoo Power Cords
Whats the VooDoo sound?  Can it be characterized?